Headshot of Roy Rivera, President and CEO of Crom Rehabiliation.
Roy Rivera, CEO and President of Crom Rehabilitation, built his physical therapy practice on a strong commitment to customer service and inclusive care. — Crom Rehabilitation

For many patients in a medical setting, walking into a dreary office with unfriendly clinical staff can worsen anxiety and create a disconnect from the start. While Crom Rehabilitation operates in a medical environment, it does not embody the typical “white coat” physician’s office, says CEO and President, Roy Rivera.

“Crom Rehabilitation’s management philosophy revolves strongly around our core values: honesty, reliability, positivity, good humor, and dependability,” said Rivera, a certified physical therapist. “Leading with both the vision and core values in mind is critical to building a healthy and long-lasting business.”

Rivera’s Certified LGBT Business Enterprise offers outpatient physical therapy to those recovering from orthopedic injuries, musculoskeletal disorders, and post-operative conditions in the Greater Houston area. The company, which won the 2022 LGBTQ-Owned Business Achievement Award at CO—'s Dream Big Awards, focuses on providing quality customer service and is known for its inclusivity and customer satisfaction.

“We strive to create an environment that is lighthearted, happy, and fun,” Rivera told CO—. “We encourage our employees’ expression through clothing, hair, makeup, tattoos, etc., all while maintaining a professional atmosphere and keeping our eyes on the mission and vision of the company.”

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Creating an inclusive environment

Being progressive and inclusive is especially important in the healthcare field. According to Rivera, patients should feel comfortable having an open dialogue about their experiences, including any lingering symptoms and other health concerns they may have. Not only will this lead to better care for patients, but it will also naturally improve customer retention.

“Crom Rehabilitation is proud to offer rehabilitative services specific to the LGBTQ+ community to help mend the gap in care,” Rivera said. “The LGBTQ+ community faces ongoing discrimination and, unfortunately, that is known to occur in healthcare settings, as well.”

We strive to create an environment that is lighthearted, happy, and fun. We encourage our employees’ expression through clothing, hair, makeup, tattoos, etc., all while maintaining a professional atmosphere and keeping our eyes on the mission and vision of the company.

Roy Rivera, CEO and President, Crom Rehabilitation

Crom Rehabilitation values diversity and strives to support those marginalized by the healthcare industry — and society at large. Because the company serves a diverse community, Rivera ensures his employees’ values and attitudes align with the company’s to provide an inclusive and accepting space for all involved.

“[We aim] to provide a safe, comfortable, and inclusive environment for all so that members of the LGBTQ+ community can feel comfortable and have access to the physical therapy care they need,” he said.

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Building a business on excellent customer service and relationships

Rivera says his employees work consistently to create lasting, positive relationships with clients and care plans that best meet their medical needs.

“We consistently strive to enrich the patient-therapist relationship,” he said. “It is vital the therapist understands each patient's specific needs and goals, while at the same time getting buy-in from them for their individualized plans of care.”

Like any business, Crom Rehabilitation’s ability to stay on top of key industry trends and insights is a key component of ensuring patient satisfaction.

“Keeping up with current medical literature and trends in physical therapy enables us to provide the best care to our patients, while maximizing functional and rehabilitative outcomes,” Rivera explained. “Positive rehabilitative outcomes, in turn, lead to increased patient retention and referrals. [Our employees] strive to see Crom Rehabilitation grow and are proud to be part of that process.”

For any business owner looking to improve customer satisfaction, Rivera recommended viewing customers and clients beyond just a sale. In other words, treat them like humans, not transactions.

“Encourage your employees to ask questions and relate with customers beyond the obvious entry-level interaction,” Rivera said. “Encourage employees to create bonds … with customers and clients. This is not just a transaction. This is relationship-building. This is superior customer service.”

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