Headshot of Alexandra Mulconnery, CEO of Cure Crate.
Alexandra Mulconnery, CEO of Cure Crate, has found success by forging her own unique path and trusting herself. — Cure Crate

What’s the secret to business success? For Alexandra Mulconnery, CEO of personalized CBD subscription service Cure Crate, the key has been letting go of perfection.

“There’s always a push between perfecting your work and making progress quickly,” said Mulconnery. “While I’m the first to want to get everyone’s feedback to try and perfect something, it’s important to remember that you’ll never please everyone and will surely run into conflicting advice.”

Instead, trying, failing quickly and constantly iterating will likely get you a lot further, quicker.

“As an entrepreneur, you have to trust yourself and get comfortable with things being less than perfect,” she added.

Forging a unique path to success with personalized solutions

Mulconnery co-founded Cure Crate with her business partner Sean Wynn in 2020. After attending numerous CBD product release parties, Mulconnery was ready to put her own spin on the increasingly popular wellness benefits of CBD: personalized care.

“Whether you struggle with sleep, want to recover quicker from workouts or improve your skin health — we’ll curate a selection of new products each month for you to try and provide education on how to use them for your specific goals and routines,” said Mulconnery.

While I’m the first to want to get everyone’s feedback to try and perfect something, it’s important to remember that you’ll never please everyone and will surely run into conflicting advice.

Alexandra Mulconnery, CEO, Cure Crate

Along with its vast catalogue of CBD tinctures and topicals, Cure Crate offers one-on-one consulting with a CBD expert to determine the ideal approach to your personal wellness and mental health needs.

“The main things I learned along this path are that no one person is the same, and while we all deserve to have expert guidance, ultimately you should be empowered to choose what works best for you and adjust as needed over time,” Mulconnery told CO—.

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Navigating roadblocks and staying motivated to succeed

With widely varying federal and state laws regarding CBD and THC, even marketing CBD products has proven to be a major hurdle for companies like Cure Crate.

“Each platform, like Facebook and Google, [has] their own rules around advertising CBD, and they change regularly [and] involve both an algorithm and human-based component,” Mulconnery said. “We had to do a lot of research to figure out how to make compliant ads and landing pages, from writing the copy to shooting (and re-shooting) the photography.”

Despite the daily challenges that can arise from sourcing, selling and marketing CBD products, Mulconnery believes her desire to help people and willingness to fail make the adversities less daunting.

Cure Crate also donates a portion of their proceeds to The Last Prisoner Project, a nonprofit dedicated to cannabis-related legal reform. Supporting causes like this keeps Mulconnery motivated and determined to keep growing Cure Crate, no matter what comes her way.

“We are all unique and constantly changing, so we want to make sure Cure Crate is there to help customers every step of their journey,” she said.

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