ken and anita corsini
Ken and Anita Corsini, the husband and wife pair behind Red Barn Homes and HGTV's "Flip or Flop Atlanta," explain how they emphasize a healthy balance between work and family life. — Red Barn Homes

In many respects, Ken and Anita Corsini are your typical married couple. They're raising three children together, they're supporting each other in their careers, and they're constantly working on upgrading their home — plus hundreds of other homes in the Atlanta metro area.

The Corsinis are the stars of HGTV's "Flip or Flop Atlanta", a home renovation show where they rehab and flip properties in their home city. However, this entrepreneurial couple has been starting, running and growing real estate businesses together since 2005.

Under their brand, Red Barn Homes, Ken and Anita operate a boutique real estate brokerage and a custom home building company, all while juggling their family life and their TV show. CO— recently spoke with the Corsinis about the evolution of their brand, their experiences on “Flip or Flop Atlanta” and how they manage to balance their lives as a married couple in business together.

Adaptability is key

Ken got his start in real estate by purchasing and assigning property leases. Anita earned her real estate license and joined her husband, and the two successfully followed this model — until the 2008 recession hit.

During the downturn, the Corsinis switched gears: They purchased and renovated distressed homes and sold them to investors as rental properties. As the market picked up, they expanded into a few different businesses under the Red Barn Homes brand, including retail flipping, new construction and a brokerage. Ken attributes the couple's success in these areas to their ability to assess and adapt to market trends.

"Things are constantly shifting underneath you," Ken told CO—. "You can't get comfortable with one business strategy or one set of systems."

Tackle stress

Husband-and-wife team Ken and Anita Corsini work hard every day to ensure that their personal life and needs do not fall to the wayside due to business. Read on for more ways business owners tackle stress.

As entrepreneurs, you will always have something to do, to work on, to think about. It's easy to let the things that matter most go by the wayside.

Anita Corsini, co-owner of Red Barn Homes and co-star of "Flip or Flop Atlanta"

Be open to new opportunities, no matter how unlikely they seem

The Corsinis never imagined they'd have a successful television show. Ken said the couple received a call out of the blue from a casting director who needed a home flipping business to feature on a television show. The Corsinis did a Skype interview, which eventually led to a greenlit pilot of a show called “Flipping the South.” During filming, the couple learned their show would be folded into HGTV's “Flip or Flop” franchise, and it premiered as “Flip or Flop Atlanta”in 2017.

"When we realized we were getting a show on HGTV, we knew the exposure going to be huge," said Ken, noting that the show prompted them to develop their current Red Barn branding and grow their brokerage business. "In the first two years [of the show], we've gone from one or two [agents] to 150."

Another positive side effect? The Corsinis have been able to explore an untapped passion for television production.

"We never had the opportunity to film anything before, and we really enjoyed it," Ken said. "We get to scratch an itch we never knew we had. It's fun to let our creative juices flow while documenting our real business."

Put your family and your relationship first

Many entrepreneurs struggle to "shut off" their business, especially when they work from home. That's why the Corsinis are very cognizant about setting business hours and carving out time for their family.

"Our kids and family are our priority," Ken explained. “After a certain time, our responsibility to our kids their activities forces us to close up shop [for the day]."

Anita agrees: Taking care of yourself, your relationship and your family should always come first, she said.

“As entrepreneurs, you will always have something to do, to work on, to think about," Anita added. "It's easy to let the things that matter most go by the wayside."

Follow your passion and believe in your success

Like many business owners, the Corsinis started a business that they felt would be more fulfilling than their previous careers.

"If you … [go] into business, it should be something you want to do, something you enjoy," said Ken. "There's more opportunity for success if you're doing what you enjoy."

At the same time, it's important not to be intimidated by your competition or think you can't succeed in a crowded market.

"There is room for everyone in this big world of ours," Anita said. "Don't let someone else's success shadow a new opportunity that comes your way."

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