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Being your own boss also means taking on most tasks yourself. Avoid burnout with these healthy suggestions for stress relief. — Getty Images/Marija Jovovic

Entrepreneurship is often seen as a glamorous career path, allowing individuals to pursue their passions and be their own boss. And while this rings true for many business owners, there’s more to the equation than meets the eye.

With all of the work and responsibility business owners manage, it‘s often difficult to find a healthy balance. It can be tempting to spend every waking hour developing your business. However, when you focus on your business at the expense of all else, you’re only setting yourself up for burnout.

Here are five ways to help you avoid the physical, mental and emotional stress that can come along with being an entrepreneur.

Set boundaries

Many modern professionals pride themselves in prioritizing work above all else. However, this “always on” mentality is not sustainable. In fact, it isn’t even beneficial to your company’s growth. If you’re spending every waking moment in meetings or at your desk powering through your never-ending to-do list, you’ll burn out quickly — and so will your business, because your creativity and productivity will ultimately suffer without the occasional break.

Remember, prioritizing your business over your relationships, hobbies, personal development, etc. can be detrimental. Working constantly might earn you a higher profit or larger customer base in the short term, but it might cost you loved ones, health and happiness in the long run.

Exercise regularly

After (or before) a long day of work, the last thing you might want to do is exercise. However, doing so can actually help relieve stress, while improving your mood and energy.

You don’t have to hit the gym for several hours a day, but make time for at least a little bit of daily movement. Coupled with a nutritious diet, simply taking a walk when you’re overwhelmed or doing a quick circuit before your morning coffee can be more beneficial than you’d think.

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It’s easy to lose yourself when you’re wearing many hats and handling numerous tasks on a daily basis.

Write down your goals

It’s easy to lose yourself when you’re wearing many hats and handling numerous tasks on a daily basis. Keeping a handy list of your goals — whether it’s for the week, the month, the quarter or the year — can ensure those demands are pushing you toward what you really want to achieve.

Simply writing down what you want to do (and when you want to do it) can keep you on track. In fact, one study found that people who can vividly describe or picture their goals are up to 1.4 times more likely to achieve them. Most things seem more daunting in your head, and seeing them outlined on paper can help ensure you don’t miss anything important.

Delegate what you can

While entrepreneurship can often feel isolating, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help. Delegating work to your employees or outsourcing lower-level tasks to freelancers and third-party vendors will clear up your time so you can focus on business development and other important operations. Additionally, giving your workers more responsibility and assigning tasks they’re interested in will tell them you trust and value them as part of your business.

Stop chasing perfectionism

No one is perfect. Holding yourself to this standard of perfection will only make you feel like a failure or keep you from reaching your full potential. Any shortcomings you face are part of the process; rather than kicking yourself when you’re down, see these mistakes as lessons learned and keep them in mind going forward. Don’t let the impossible goal of perfection hold you back from taking the necessary steps to grow your business.

The longer you allow your stress to build up, the more power it will have over you. By following these stress-relieving tips, you’ll have more time and energy to invest in your business.

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