Hideaway Cafe owner Victoria Kidd.
Victoria Kidd, owner of Hideaway Cafe and winner of the 2021 Dream Big LGBTQ-owned business award, created her business as a “safe space and organizing hub” for the community. — Hideaway Cafe

As the owner of Hideaway Cafe, Victoria Kidd knows the power of setting your eye on a goal and establishing a multi-year plan to achieve it.

“Plan your work and work your plan,” she said.

Kidd’s own planning, along with advice from other business owners and mentors, gave her the opportunity to open Hideaway Cafe in March 2016. On the surface, the cafe features decadent coffee concoctions, award-winning teas, and breakfast goodies. However, Hideaway Cafe also holds “a commitment to community service and for supporting projects that advance good work in the region,” said Kidd.

Activating change through coffee, breakfast, and tea

Nestled in Winchester, Virginia’s historic district, Hideaway Cafe is exclusively known as “Winchester’s Best Coffee.” However, Hideaway Cafe’s foundation goes deeper, explains Kidd.

“Hideaway is often recognized with awards for being the best coffeehouse in the region, but its core identity is really that of a safe space and an organizing hub,” Kidd said.

As a self-described social activist with 25 years of advocating for humanitarian efforts, Kidd describes Hideaway Cafe as “a concrete culmination of that work.” To further solidify these efforts, Kidd won CO—’s 2021 Dream Big LGBTQ-owned business award.

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“We started with the intent of being an openly affirming space for LGBTQ+ persons and other marginalized individuals in the area,” explained Kidd. “So providing a space like that also establishes a meeting hub for committees, organizations, and activists working to advance efforts that improve conditions in the community for people who have previously felt left out.”

We take a multifaceted approach to fulfilling our mission of supporting LGBTQ+ individuals and marginalized communities.

Victoria Kidd, owner, Hideaway Cafe

Championing for LGBTQ+ and marginalized groups

Kidd’s main goal is to make sure each person who walks through the doors of Hideaway Cafe feels safe, comfortable, and welcome.

“We take a multifaceted approach to fulfilling our mission of supporting LGBTQ+ individuals and marginalized communities,” explained Kidd.

This approach includes providing an “as they area” where people can meet others who share the same values. And, not only does Hideaway Cafe have a sign on its door signifying it's a safe space for all, the cafe also includes a menu in Spanish.

“We do everything we can to maintain an environment of peace and welcoming that is still non-partisan and fully still open to persons from all walks of life,” Kidd explained.

Providing customers with full transparency

On top of serving people in the shop, Kidd explained Hideaway Cafe also hosts numerous projects that provide funding and volunteer efforts for marginalized groups within the community. With all the donations Hideaway Cafe receives and provides, Kidd explained it’s crucial to be transparent when it comes to running a profitable business alongside giving back to the community.

“We know we cannot fund everything,” said Kidd. “We know every bag of coffee we donate has a cost. So it's important to monitor your financials, budget expenses appropriately, and give only what you can while telling the community exactly what you are are capable of.”

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