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The COVID-19 pandemic inspired entrepreneurs to capitalize on opportunities and start new small businesses. With accessible, easy-to-use technology resources and more flexibility in how businesses operate and engage with customers, entrepreneurs will continue to have the right conditions to start businesses set to grow.

For anyone considering starting a new business, your opportunities are here now. To help small business owners launch startups with long-term potential, we've rounded up some of the best content from contributors published this past week.

Use uncertainty as your inspiration

Typical discussions around the uncertainty of the global pandemic focus on caution. While John Enright, president at NetNation, acknowledges the challenges of today, he encourages entrepreneurs to take advantage of modern disruption by starting a new business that showcases their unique position in the evolving business world. In “This Is the Moment to Start Your Business,” Enright describes how current technology and market trends are creating opportunities for entrepreneurs to deliver new, creative solutions — some of which can be started right from the comfort of home.

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Be able to answer the question, ‘Why now?’

Businesses are developed through ideation, the process of discovering problems and creating innovative ways to solve them. Ido Wiesenberg, CEO and co-founder of Voyantis, shares tips for entrepreneurs to get the most out of the ideation process in “Tackling Ideation in the Startup Realm is Easily Done (When Done Right).” He explains the importance of values, connections and combined experiences in working through an idea and how to identify authentic feedback along the way. With a well-developed understanding of why your idea matters, you’ll put your business on a path for genuine impact.

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With a well-developed understanding of why your idea matters, you’ll put your business on a path for genuine impact.

Look for innovations for everyday life

A good business idea doesn’t have to be completely out-of-the-box. In “If You're Starting a Business, This is Why You Should Choose Consumables,” Chris Estey, founder and CEO of Private Label Skincare Florida, uses his business experience to explain why entrepreneurs shouldn’t discard the idea of focusing on consumable products. Consumables have long-term potential, and they can give business owners a wider market focus. For entrepreneurs interested in providing something to make everyday life better, consumables may be the best solution.

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Invest in employees who are the right fit

If you’re not planning to be a solopreneur, having the right people working for you is critical to business efficiency and remaining aligned with your mission. In “9 Tips for Startup Hiring,” Miles Jennings, founder and COO of, details the hiring process for small businesses, describing everything from applicant credentials to onboarding. Jennings cautions against common pitfalls, too, offering reminders of the true value and benefit of employees who are the right fit for your business.

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Prepare your business to function without you

Many entrepreneurs take on a lot of business responsibilities, which can lead to burnout. It also limits potential for business progress. Dylan Ogline, founder of Olgline Digital, explains the goals and limits of an entrepreneur’s role and shares ways they can manage responsibilities in “Don’t Become a Slave to Your Business.” He provides insight on training other team members to take care of communication and customer service tasks and describes why it’s important to develop a general knowledge base of work responsibilities.

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