Bowl displayed with candies from Sweets Apothecary.
Sweets Apothecary puts a fun and sweet twist on the classic charcuterie board concept with bright, colorful candies. — Sweets Apothecary

Anthony Losanno, owner of Sweets Apothecary, wants aspiring entrepreneurs to do their best to not let anything keep them from trying something new.

“There will always be a reason to put [it] off,” he said. “Take the chance.”

Losanno took his own chance when he started Sweets Apothecary, a unique candy delivery company with a twist. Inspired by classic charcuterie boards loaded with meats, cheeses, crackers and fruits, Losanno decided to create his own version with delicious gummy candy.

“I wanted to create something different and to bring my love of all things candy to life,” he explained. “As a giver and recipient of various corporate gifts over the years, I was bored with the same old cupcakes, wine and flowers. Candy boards offer something different.”

Taking a chance on ‘something different’

Sweets Apothecary creates and delivers unique and colorful candy boards, available in a variety of sizes from mini to jumbo with color combinations that can attract anyone with a sweet tooth.

Losanno’s company also has a “Taste of Pride'' board, covered in rainbow gummies to celebrate LGBTQ+ pride. The “Aloha, Welcome Home” board is covered with pineapple flavored candy, a symbol of hospitality to give as a housewarming gift. It also has a take on a classic fruit basket.

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Do your homework, look for a need to fill and then take that leap.

Anthony Losanno, owner, Sweets Apothecary

Losanno says Sweets Apothecary boards are ideal “thank you” gifts for corporate clients, a sweet gift for loved ones or a way to celebrate a milestone.

“This is a fun and clever alternative to sending flowers or cupcakes,” said Losanno. “Great flavor pairs with creative designs and fun shapes to make anyone the ideal recipient, whether they’re welcoming a new baby, graduating or being thanked for being a valuable client.”

Making strategic moves to create a sweet business

While having a strong business idea is great, Losanno stressed there are a number of moves that must also go into creating a successful business — ones that he’s had to maneuver himself while operating Sweets Apothecary.

“The logistics of sourcing products, pricing, building a website and figuring out insurance and licensing needs can be daunting,” he explained. “There is a lot of paperwork to register your business with the state, IRS, etc.”

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Losanno took advice from other established business owners and researched their methods to adopt and learn for his own business.

“I took some time to... read through everything I needed around taxes and creating a business entity, and then took it step by step,” he explained.

For those looking to build their own business, Losanno has similar advice.

“Do your homework, look for a need to fill and then take that leap,” he said.

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