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Besides raising consumer awareness of your brand, offering how-to videos can answer customers' questions, solve their problems, improve the customer experience, and build trust. — Getty Images/FG Trade

In the world of content marketing, video is the most favored type of content by website visitors and search engines. Creating video content can help keep your brand relevant and improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO).

In addition, how-to videos can effectively introduce new products and services to your target audience. Here’s what you need to know to create how-to videos for your business.

Benefits of creating how-to videos for your business

Increases engagement and reach

According to a recent Microsoft study, humans now have shorter attention spans than goldfish, dropping from 12 seconds (as of 2000) to just 8 seconds today. Companies must work harder than ever to get their target audience to consume their content. Video content is the most popular and engaging form businesses can invest in, particularly on social media, where potential viewership and reach are the greatest.

Builds trust and credibility

Today’s digital users are skeptical about which businesses they can trust. Video content, specifically how-to videos, can help your company build credibility and loyalty with your target customers. By regularly creating and sharing insightful, educational, and genuine video content, your audience will learn that they can turn to your brand for content they find useful.

Enhances customer support and problem-solving

How-to videos are an effective solution to provide your customers with support and troubleshooting guidance regarding your products and services. They can answer customers’ frequently asked questions, ensuring they have a low-touch, high-result customer experience.

Boosts conversion and sales rates

Because audiences prefer video over any other type of content, creating videos can help boost conversions and increase sales. In fact, 90% of consumers said they turn to product videos during their buying decision journey.

Video also allows businesses to showcase their latest offerings, which can be especially helpful for early adoption solutions. Creating behind-the-scenes sneak peek content to tease exclusively across your social channels can generate more buzz around what’s to come.

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Improves SEO and website traffic

Google and other prominent search engines rank high-quality, high-reaching videos more favorably than almost any other type of content. Adding video content to your site considerably improves your SEO, which enhances the chances of your target audience discovering your company and completing the buying journey. Investing in well-made video content also allows you to repurpose your videos for social media, further increasing your reach and visibility.

Demonstrates your adaptability

Adaptability is vital to ensuring your business resonates with your target audience in an ever-changing, and often challenging, economic climate. Creating high-quality video content to share across your digital channels can help your business remain top of mind.

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Ninety percent of consumers said they turn to product videos during their buying decision journey.

Tips for creating how-to videos for your business

Here are some tips to keep in mind when planning your video content.

  • Know what your audience wants. Before determining which topics to address in your videos, research what your target audience is interested in learning. Mine questions and terms from Google and YouTube searches, and use Google Trends to understand how popular those keywords are with different audience demographics. Brainstorm related subjects that you can cover as well. For example, if you’re a travel agent, create a how-to video about how to pack your luggage and carry-on and include a closing call to action to visit your site for more information.
  • Find your unique approach. With many businesses hopping on the video content bandwagon, it can take time to figure out how to make your videos stand out. Understanding what differentiates your business from your competitors can help form your video content approach and how to distinguish your digital channels from other brands. Conduct A/B tests to refine your video content and production style while remaining authentic to your brand.
  • Determine whether to write a script or go live. If you’re not used to being on camera, you may benefit from writing a script. The script can also serve as the instructions to include in the video description and as the on-screen subtitles to increase accessibility. On the other hand, live videos can help boost engagement, brand awareness, and followers. During live videos, ask viewers what other topics they’re interested in, and thoroughly read the comments section for ideas about future videos.

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