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Content marketing, when done with quality and consistency, has the power to increase views and drive traffic to your website. — Getty Images

Content marketing is the creation of content that provides your audience with valuable information. Today’s versions of content marketing are primarily digital think blogs, videos, emails — and the success of your strategy depends on the level of satisfaction of your audience.

In content marketing, quality trumps quantity. Many believe that the more content, the better; but the fact is that one or two high-resolution, properly recorded videos are much more beneficial than ten bland or erroneous blog posts.

While you can implement any of the following five content marketing styles, it’s best to only pursue those that are guaranteed to provide a useful and engaging experience for your specific audience.

1. Blogs

Blogging is perhaps the most commonly used content marketing strategy that businesses of all sizes use to attract their audience. Maintaining a blog increases your likelihood of developing strong relationships with your readers, which can result in increased profitable customer actions.

Blogging is also a great way to demonstrate your knowledge to your audience. A consistent blog presence and regular publishing schedule will attract a wide audience and also increase your organic search visibility on search engines Google.

Studies have shown that the amount of views on content with relevant images is about 94% higher than the amount of views on content without images.

2. Infographics

Infographics organize information, such as statistics and facts, into a visual format that is easy to read and understand.

In an infographic, text is often organized into individual blocks, perhaps accompanied by small icons, illustrations or other images to complement the written information.

Studies have shown that the number of views on content with relevant images is about 94% higher than the amount of views on content without images. This is where businesses have found that an infographic content marketing strategy paired with a blog or other written outlet can be highly beneficial.

3. Videos

The Pew Research Center reported that YouTube is used by 73% of U.S. adults, which makes video content one of the most efficient ways to reach and engage with your audience.

Recorded content such as how-to videos and product demos are two of the most popular types of video content.

Videos also encourage visitors to spend time on your page. If a viewer extracts something valuable from one of your videos, they’re likely to remain on your website or refer back to it for more.

4. Emails

Email campaigns are one of the most effective forms of content marketing, with a whopping $44 return for every $1 invested.

However, constantly bombarding your subscribers with ads won’t be as effective as providing informative content.

Your marketing emails should consist of the following:

  • Subject line. This should be concise and compelling.
  • Image. Include at least one engaging image in each email.
  • Body paragraph. The body of your email should be informative, and most times should not exceed 200 words.
  • Call to action. Encourage your reader to proceed in a specific direction, such as visiting a website, taking a survey, or making a purchase.

5. E-books and white papers

Long-form content is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and industry expertise to your audience.

Since e-books or white papers typically require users to provide some information, such as an email address, before they can be downloaded, this also benefits your email marketing strategy. However, you must give your audience a reason to want to take those steps.

The important thing to remember is that your e-book or white paper is not an ad for your business or service. By giving customers a thorough examination of your industry, including valuable takeaways, you will continue gain and retain subscribers.

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Published March 11, 2019