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From video views and likes to average watch time, there are several features TikTok offers to measure your analytics. — Getty Images/JulPo

TikTok can be a powerful tool to provide valuable content for your consumers. Thanks to the social media platform’s massive popularity, especially with younger users, there are multiple ways to gain consumer attention. Here’s where to find TikTok analytics and how to use them to your advantage.

How to check your TikTok analytics

To view your TikTok analytics, go to your profile, tap the three lines on the top right corner, then tap “Creator Tools” and select “Analytics.” You’ll then be brought to three main categories:

  • Overview: The Overview tab is the first screen you’ll see when you open your TikTok analytics dashboard. This is where you can find all your TikTok account’s activity over the last seven days, including the total number of video views. Additionally, you’ll find the total number of followers you have, including how many you’ve gained or lost over the past week. You can also toggle the date range to include data from the last 28 or 60 days. This helps you see your top-performing videos, which can provide valuable insight when planning what content you will share in the future.
  • Content: The Content tab shows data specifically related to your TikTok posts, providing a deeper understanding of the videos you’re posting, including the number of likes and comments per video. The Content tab will also show how many times your videos have been shared and where members of your audience found your videos.
  • Followers: As the name suggests, the Followers tab gives you a rundown of analytics related to your followers. Before this tab can show you any prevalent data, you’ll need at least 100 followers. This tab shows the current number of followers you have, including a graph illustrating the number of followers you’ve lost or gained over the past week.

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As the name suggests, the Followers tab gives you a rundown of analytics related to your followers. Before this tab can show you any prevalent data, you’ll need at least 100 followers.

Interpreting your TikTok analytics

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the Overview, Content, and Followers tabs, it’s time to dig deeper into your TikTok analytics. Here’s a list of specific metrics and what they mean for your business.

Overview tab

In the Overview tab you’ll find the following metrics:

  • Video views: The number of unique views your videos have received. This metric is a general gauge of how many people are watching your content on a daily to weekly basis.
  • Profile views: The number of people who have viewed your profile over a selected time period. This metric will help determine if your audience is interested in your brand after viewing your video.
  • Likes: The number of likes a video has received.
  • Comments: The number of comments your audience has left on a video.
  • Shares: The number of accounts that have shared your videos.

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Content tab

The Content tab displays a detailed view of your individual videos, including:

  • Trending videos: The top nine videos on your TikTok account in terms of viewership and growth. You can leverage these videos by sharing them on other platforms or reposting them to gain additional views.
  • Total play time: The total amount of time viewers have spent watching a particular video. You can compare one video’s total play time to others and find out the average time people are watching your videos.
  • Average watch time: The average time users spent watching a certain video. This is a great way to see how well you’re holding your audience’s attention.
  • Video views by section: Where people discovered your video. This informs where you can better source your traffic and will also show you how well hashtags or sounds worked in gaining additional views.

Followers tab

Metrics for the Followers tab include:

  • Top territories: Displays the countries your followers are in. Leverage this metric if you’re doing a local promotion or event.
  • Follower activity: When your followers are most active on the TikTok app. Use this metric to determine when it’s the best time to post.
  • Videos your followers watched: Use this metric to understand where else your followers are viewing content and gain some inspiration from other creators’ videos. You may even find accounts to collaborate with.
  • Sounds your followers listened to: What’s trending on TikTok is usually related to the sounds heard on videos. Trending sounds can change fast, however, so if you’re planning to use a popular sound, do it quickly for maximum exposure.

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