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There is a rich selection of resources at your fingertips to help you turn your artistic endeavors into a money-making career. — Getty Images/Maskot

Running a business is an art. Entrepreneurs must use several methods to help tame the madness of operating a business while driving marketing and sales. But what if your business is selling art? For some artists, entrepreneurship comes naturally. Others, however, may struggle switching between creative and analytical roles. Like various art techniques, you can learn the ins and outs of business ownership.

There are several industry experts who share their knowledge through blogs and podcasts. Some also offer coaching and consulting services. The eight resources listed below can expand your understanding of entrepreneurship and turn your artistic endeavors into a money-making career.

The Inspiration Place Podcast

Artist, author, and art business coach Miriam Schulman has worked on her art full time for over two decades. She began The Inspiration Place Podcast in 2018 and offers hundreds of episodes on business subjects, like building your audience and marketing. You can take a free masterclass on how to sell more art, listen to new podcasts weekly, and find other freebies on her websites.

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The Artsy Shark

Carolyn Edlund, founder of Artsy Shark, has been in the art industry since 1981. She ran a production ceramic jewelry studio for 20 years, then took a sales position with an art publisher. In 2009, Edlund decided to share her knowledge and experience by helping artists become entrepreneurs. Since then, she has added hundreds of free articles packed with actionable tips for starting and building a business. Artsy Shark also features artist portfolios and offers paid courses.

Startist Society

Learn how to run an art business and thrive with the Startist Society podcast. Laura Lee Griffin and Nikki D. May break down the basics of creating collections, selling on digital marketplaces, and many more topics. Within each podcast episode, Griffin and May include links to additional helpful resources, and you can join the Startist Society Facebook group to dig deeper into the latest subjects.

Like various art techniques, you can learn the ins and outs of business ownership.

Art Biz Success

Alyson B. Stanfield is a former museum curator and educator who has worked with thousands of artists over the last two decades. You can hear conversations with artists on her podcast on topics like activating your marketing and what wholesaling entails. Or check out Stanfield’s free resources, including blog posts and a five-day online course.

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The Abundant Artist

The founder of The Abundant Artist (TAA), Cory Huff, has been helping artists sell their art for over a decade. Indeed, more than 30,000 artists have registered for free accounts, and over 5,000 have enrolled in TAA’s courses. The website offers a convenient and aptly named “Start Here” tab. Here, you can find links to dozens of free blog posts covering how to begin selling your art. Plus, you can listen to The Abundant Artist podcast to learn how to earn a living as an artist.

The Natalie Parker Studio Podcast

Artist and creative entrepreneur Natalie Parker built her art business while working full time as an art teacher. She now runs a successful company from her home studio. She shares new Natalie Parker Studio Podcast episodes frequently. Each episode is about 15 to 30 minutes long. Parker shares her best business tips, from how to deal with a slowdown in sales to selling authentically.


Artrepreneur is an online platform offering free resources, including an art journal with articles on marketing, operations, jobs, and finance. It also has a legal section so you can learn about intellectual property and art law. Artrepreneur has free and paid membership options; the paid membership gives you access to additional resources. It’s free to build an online art portfolio, use the resume builder, and sell your original works.

Susan Nethercote Studio Insider Art Podcast

Abstract floral and botanical painter Susan Nethercote mixes art and business in her Susan Nethercote Studio Insider Art Podcast. You can listen in as Nethercote and her guests discuss everything from paint pigments and design to how to build a multifaceted art practice. She also offers free resources on her website to guide you in establishing an art business and elevating your art professionally.

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