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Small business leaders can learn from a variety of established newsletters for different sectors, industries and facets of building a business. Keeping up to date on the newest trends and leveraging the latest tools helps entrepreneurs maintain a sustainable business.

Here are some of our favorite newsletters for small business owners who want to build their skills and keep up with the latest entrepreneurial trends.

Top newsletters for running your business

These four newsletters will help you build the foundational knowledge you need to run and grow your business.

  1. Foundr: Foundr, which offers free training to business founders, has an exceptional newsletter for entrepreneurs. Delivered to over 300,000 entrepreneurs around the world, the Foundr newsletter offers the latest insights and tips for running a business. Subscribe to keep up with industry trends and sharpen your leadership skills.
  2. Small Business Administration (SBA): The SBA is a great resource for small businesses of all sorts. Through its newsletter, you’ll receive free small business tips, online training and information about events in your area.
  3. The Feifer Five: This monthly newsletter run by Jason Feifer, editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur magazine, provides subscribers with five entrepreneurial tips each month. For example, in this issue from April 2018, Feifer talked about confidence, stubbornness, consumer behavior, humility and thought leadership, using other businesses and entrepreneurs as examples.
  4. Annette Stepanian: Annette Stepanian, a lawyer for entrepreneurs, shares legal tips and guidance for business owners in her weekly newsletter in a way that’s understandable and practical. From starting to running your business, this newsletter supports you at every stage of your entrepreneurial journey.
  5. b. newsletter: This newsletter, published by small business resource business.com, is sent out twice a week to help new and growing businesses tackle their biggest challenges. On Tuesdays, subscribers receive growth and strategy tips, including entrepreneur interviews, tech recommendations, and trend data, to help them build a bigger, better business. The Friday send is focused on culture development to help small employers create a stronger and more enjoyable workplace experience for their teams.

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In [an April 2018 newsletter], Feifer talked about confidence, stubbornness, consumer behavior, humility and thought leadership.

Top newsletters for building financial knowledge

Here are four newsletters that cover the financial side of running a business:

  1. GrowthLab: This newsletter provides great insight on the financial side of running a business. Not only are there links to valuable blog posts on specific topics, but there are also case studies and engaging material that will challenge your existing assumptions about entrepreneurship.
  2. AVC: Fred Wilson, venture capitalist (VC) and co-founder of Union Square Ventures, shares his daily thoughts in a newsletter. From financial tips for startups to current events and their impact on the VC space, this newsletter covers it all.
  3. Money Stuff: Through this newsletter, Matt Levine, opinion columnist at Bloomberg, uses his experience as an investment banker, and also as an M&A lawyer, to provide his daily take on Wall Street, finance, companies and more.
  4. Rich Habits: The Rich Habits newsletter is run by Tom Corley, author of Rich Habits and several other bestselling and award-winning books. Corley, a CPA and CFP who runs his own financial services firm, offers valuable insights with his data-based approach to financial advice, helping business owners and individuals alike.

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Top newsletters for staying up to date

Stay up to date with the latest business trends by subscribing to these four newsletters:

  1. The Hustle: This daily newsletter gets sent directly to your inbox each day and can be devoured in five minutes or less. It covers all things tech and business, including current events and industry trends to ensure you’re all caught up.
  2. 5-Bullet Friday: Run by Tim Ferris, an early tech investor of and advisor to giants like Uber, Facebook, Shopify and Duolingo, the 5-Bullet Friday newsletter is a concise yet informative option for entrepreneurs looking to stay up to date in their field. Each Friday, Ferris shares five tips, tricks or insights from his past week, ensuring his readers are fully informed of the latest trends.
  3. CB Insights: This free newsletter by CBInsights helps you stay ahead on technology, venture capital, startups and the latest and greatest industries.
  4. Startup Digest: This personalized newsletter covers all things startup and is tailored to your needs and preferences. You can choose from different topics like health, fintech, diversity and inclusion, design, women entrepreneurs and more.

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