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If your business is hitting roadblocks like plateauing revenue, skills gaps, or just a general feeling of being overwhelmed, it may be time to call in a business coach. — Getty Images/Westend61

Challenges aren't uncommon in the business world, and the most successful entrepreneurs are known for their ability to face and overcome them. However, certain issues bring operations to a standstill, impeding revenue generation or business growth. Hiring a business coach can help you move past problems and strengthen your company.

But don't wait until you've hit your mental or physical limitations. Instead, take action when you notice signs that it's time to hire a business coach. Identifying obstacles early can reduce the impact on your company, employees, and finances, while also helping you find the right coach for your needs. Review the signs signaling a need for a business coach and get tips for finding the right one.

You feel overwhelmed with one or more aspects of your work

Nearly every entrepreneur feels swamped with work at some point. It could be due to a lack of work-life balance, poor time management, or a high volume of work. You can move through this by delegating tasks and prioritizing high-impact activities. But if the sense of being overwhelmed affects daily operations and doesn't subside fairly quickly, a business coach can help.

A trusted advisor works with you to identify the root causes of your issue. Once you determine the reasons for feeling overburdened, a coach guides you through various coping mechanisms and solutions.

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Leadership skills gaps hinder business advancement

While successful entrepreneurs share many traits, leadership skill gaps can affect their ability to future-proof operations. You may understand your industry well but need help with long-term planning or motivating employees. Conversely, you may possess management skills but need help developing collaborative relationships.

The Center for Creative Leadership identified the top weak or missing competencies. Its research found that the "leadership gap appears most problematic in high-priority, high-stakes areas," such as managing change, planning strategically, and inspiring commitment. An executive coach can help you identify skills gaps and build a plan for increasing knowledge in these areas.

Your revenue has stagnated

Whether you're a solopreneur or you own a business with multiple employees, your growth may plateau once you reach certain revenue milestones. To get to the next level, you may need to expand your market, scale processes, or hire staff. But wrong decisions are expensive, and coaching sessions can save money.

Once you determine the reasons for feeling overburdened, a coach guides you through various coping mechanisms and solutions.

Unlike consultants, business coaches don't tell you what to do. Instead, a coach enables you to build a growth mindset, create goals, and solve problems today and in the future.

Fast growth has disrupted operations

Growing pains are a common issue with companies that expand quickly. Your software or processes may not be scalable. Or you may struggle to hire employees to handle new jobs or high sales volumes. It could be time to delegate human resources, accounting, or marketing tasks. But where do you start?

Executive coaches empower you to streamline processes and create strategies for finding tools for scaling your business. At a minimum, they can serve as a sounding board, allowing you to brainstorm ideas before bringing them to your leadership team.

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Problems are keeping you up at night

Many entrepreneurs experience imposter syndrome or can't let go of work thoughts after the day ends. Although a business coach can't guarantee you'll sleep like a baby every night, they can help you feel in control and capable of handling what comes next. Moreover, The Alternative Board believes executive coaches "have a responsibility to understand when [their clients] may need therapy." Indeed, business owners may benefit from professional guidance when experiencing anxiety or depression.

Tips for finding a good fit

Do you need a leadership, accountability, or mindset coach? Or perhaps you'd benefit from a lead generation advisor. Many types of executive coaches exist, which is why Business Coach Alexa Duarte D'Agostino said it's crucial to "understand your goals and expectations."

Choose a business coach by considering these factors:

  • Business background and experience.
  • Coaching credentials.
  • Recommendations or references.
  • Process transparency.
  • Coaching strengths and focus.

CO— aims to bring you inspiration from leading respected experts. However, before making any business decision, you should consult a professional who can advise you based on your individual situation.

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