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Unlimited vacation days give employees the opportunity to take off when needed to recharge and spend time with friends and family. — Getty Images/vorDa

Most part-time employees don’t qualify for health insurance coverage, but there are other perks you can offer. Let’s look at seven health and wellness benefits you can provide part-time employees.

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Health stipend

Some employers choose to offer a health stipend in place of health insurance benefits. With this type of stipend, employees receive a fixed amount of money they can put toward health care costs. They can use this income to purchase the health care plan of their choice, and you don’t have to provide group health insurance.

Netflix gives its employees $16,000 annually to cover their medical, dental, and vision benefits. If you choose to offer this type of stipend, just be sure to communicate to your employees that it’s a health benefit.

Nutrition classes

Another option is to partner with a corporate wellness program to provide nutrition classes to your employees. For instance, you could offer nutrition seminars or webinars that provide practical tips on improving your health and wellness.

You could also offer virtual cooking classes that teach your employees how to make simple, healthy meals at home. And you could even provide employees one-on-one coaching with a dietician who can give tailored nutrition advice and support.

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Unlimited vacation days

Increasingly, companies like Hubspot are offering unlimited vacation days. This means employees can take time off whenever they need a day to recharge, assuming their normal job functions aren’t interrupted.

Remote work is a big topic of discussion, but 95% of employees really want flexible working hours. Offering unlimited vacation days can help you recruit more qualified employees and create a better work-life balance for your employees.

Employee assistance programs

An employee assistance program provides free mental health assessments and short-term counseling. This type of benefit is critical as more Americans continue to struggle with mental health issues.

An employee assistance program can help your employees get to the root of any issues that are affecting their emotional well-being. This can include things like family issues, substance abuse, or even problems with other employees.

You can support your employees’ growth by providing a certain amount of money they can spend on personal development.

Free gym memberships

If you’re looking for a simple way to help your employees become healthier, you might consider giving them free gym memberships. There are tons of physical and mental benefits associated with regular exercise.

And there are many different ways you can offer this perk to your employees. The most obvious strategy is to partner with a local gym to provide all your employees with memberships. But you could also provide discounted memberships. Or, if you have the resources, you could set up a gym on-site. For instance, Chegg provides a world-class gym and a mini-golf course for its employees.

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Personal development

Employees want to work for companies that are invested in their personal growth. You can support your employees’ growth by providing a certain amount of money they can spend on personal development.

You can also provide ongoing learning opportunities or offer tuition reimbursement. Or you could just give them extra time off to pursue these opportunities. For instance, Deloitte gives its employees three to six months off to pursue personal development initiatives.

Financial coaching

Financial stability is an essential aspect of mental and emotional well-being, but it isn’t often discussed. If your employees feel constant stress about money, it will be hard for them to perform their best at work.

That’s why providing financial coaching to your employees is a valuable benefit. A financial coach can help your employees create a budget, identify opportunities to cut costs, and find the money to spend on self-care. All of this can help ease employees’ stress regarding their finances.

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