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Growing businesses need to have the ability to hire and onboard new employees quickly. But for most companies, the recruitment process is tedious and expensive. The five tools outlined in this article will better equip you to recruit and hire top talent.

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Workable is an applicant tracking system (ATS) that is great for both small and large companies. The company provides AI sourcing capabilities that will give you access to hundreds of potential candidates.

Workable comes with a number of tools to help you hire the right people. The software includes a mobile recruiting app, candidate assessment tests, interview kits and more. The software integrates seamlessly with your calendar, and all interviews are self-scheduled.

If you’re just getting started with hiring, you can use Workable on an as-needed basis. The company offers two different plans: one for businesses with occasional hiring needs, and one for companies with ongoing hiring needs.


JobScore is another ATS, and it has three different products designed for businesses at each stage of the hiring process. JobScore START is for businesses hiring fewer than five employees, JobScore SCALE is for businesses hiring five people or more, and finally, JobScore ENTERPRISE is for companies with significant hiring needs. The software can grow right alongside your business.

JobScore will help you at every stage of the hiring process, from creating a branded career site and building a pipeline of qualified candidates to interviewing candidates and measuring your results.


One of the most overlooked recruitment tools is leveraging your existing database of resumes. According to one survey, 65% of resumes are completely ignored on high-volume job postings. That means you may already have a database of qualified candidates sitting right under your nose.

Hiretual can help you rediscover candidates that you may have previously overlooked. The software mines your CRM and ATS to help you discover resumes that may be a good fit for the position you’re currently trying to fill.

But Hiretual will do a lot more than help you rediscover your existing candidates. It’s a talent sourcing platform that will help you find and screen qualified candidates, add interested candidates to your CRM and track your metrics.

Social media is a great tool when it comes to finding qualified candidates for a job search.


You’ve probably seen customer service chatbots quite a bit over the years. But did you know that you can also use chatbots to aid you in your hiring efforts?

A recruitment chatbot will respond to interested job candidates during non-business hours. It can answer their questions, and even help screen potential hires so you see the most qualified candidates first.

Using an AI-powered chatbot is one of the best ways to cut down on the costs and time spent on the recruitment process. And there are many good chatbot tools to choose from, including GoHire, Ideal and Text Recruit.


Social media is a great tool when it comes to finding qualified candidates for a job search. That’s why the 2018 Recruiter Nation Survey found that 77% of recruiters utilize LinkedIn and 63% use Facebook to search for candidates. In particular, LinkedIn gives you immediate access to that person’s interests and skills. It also shows you whether or not you have any mutual connections.

However, looking for qualified candidates on social media can be time-consuming because of the sheer number of results. This is where Sourcehub comes in handy.

With Sourcehub, you can search on fifteen different social media sites and receive your results in one location. It will help you build a pipeline of qualified candidates, reduce the time spent combing through social media sites and simplify your hiring process.

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