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From utilizing social media to connecting with local colleges, there are many strategies small business owners can use to find the best employees. — Getty Images/fizkes

Despite the number of job seekers, many employers say that finding qualified candidates to fill their open positions is a challenge. Recruiting can be an expensive and time-consuming process, and it can often be discouraging when a lack of quality candidates apply. However, there are ways you can increase your chances at attracting the right applicants. Utilize our tips to help take the pain out of recruiting and find qualified employees who are exactly what your company needs.

Start with a great job description

You already know that your company and the jobs you are seeking to fill are substantial, but prospective employees need to know and feel those things too. Get creative with your job description by asking a question in the introduction or painting a picture of what it would be like to have that position at your company. Following this, clearly state what the job duties and qualifications are, along with expectations, salary, benefits, job location, work hours and travel requirements. Crafting a great job description works hand in hand with great marketing — you need to fully understand your target audience and craft your job descriptions accordingly.

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Promote your job openings on your company website

There may be job candidates who specifically want to work for your company or a company like yours. A page on your website can act as a job board for all of your open positions, so those seeking specific opportunities will be able to find them conveniently in one place. Be sure to include a tab that’s easy to find and clearly labeled “job openings.”

Promote your job openings across your social media channels

You never know who your contacts know, and your next employee may be found through a current customer, a friend or a family member. This is why promoting your job openings across your business and personal social media channels is so helpful. Encourage your followers to share your job descriptions with their network. Also, be sure to utilize LinkedIn and Facebook Advertising to expand your reach to a targeted group of users.

There are ways you can increase your chances at attracting the right applicants.

Connect with local colleges and universities

Many colleges and universities have career centers with staff that are employed solely to help students find jobs. Some schools even have their own job boards and email newsletters that promote job openings. Identity all the colleges and universities within 60 miles of the job location and let them know about your hiring needs. Typically, these services are free and they don’t always involve recruiting recent graduates, due to alumni also utilizing career center services. If you have the budget for it, ask about the schools’ career fairs, which provide the opportunity to meet job candidates and even conduct on-the-spot interviews.

Ask your current employees for referrals

An employee referral program is one of the best ways to find qualified candidates for open positions within your company. Asking your existing employees to refer someone they know for an open position is effective for several reasons. First, your employees already know your business needs, goals and culture, so they already have a narrow list of who an ideal candidate may be. Second, tapping into your talented employees’ network provides you with a smaller but targeted candidate pool so you can focus on hiring the best of the best. Finally, referrals impact retention rates, as both referred employees and referrers stay with companies longer.

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Ask your current customers for referrals

Just like you would send a marketing email to your existing database telling them about your latest promotions, you can send your customers a communication sharing your hiring needs. What’s better than bringing on a qualified candidate who already knows and loves your brand? Current customers who are passionate about your mission, products and services can make some of the best employees.

For more guidance finding qualified job candidates and hiring the right employees, check out our five recruitment tips.

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