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From sticking to your mission to addressing and embracing thoughts both positive and negative, these contributors share their best tips for a successful mindset. — Getty Images/Prostock-Studio

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In business, especially as an entrepreneur, attitude is everything. To really make the most of your business ideas and goals, you'll have to develop the right mindset for success.

To help small business owners better understand how to adopt a mindset for career success, we've rounded up some of the best content from contributors published this week.

Remember your mission

Seasoned executive Kate Isler asks the question, “What Happens When Your Inner Circle Doesn’t Support Your Business?” in her article about mission-driven startups. She underlines the fact that mission-driven companies that tout environmentalism, gender equality and other hot-button issues are very appealing to customers in theory, but it can be difficult to gain concrete support from your community and even loved ones as a startup. To get customers to purchase products from such companies, leaders must remember the importance of and continue to commit to their mission, as well as offer incentives that rival their target customers’ go-to companies.

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Focus on your intentions

While meditating itself isn’t a waste of time, meditation without intention is actually counterproductive, according to Daniel Mangena, creator of the Beyond Intention Paradigm. In his article, “Why You Should Stop Meditating and Focus on Your Intentions,” Mangena outlines paths entrepreneurs can take to be more mindful in their approach to their business and themselves. From identifying an end goal to gauging your feelings as you walk your life path, understanding why you choose to take action is as important as taking action itself.

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Darreta, CEO and co-founder of Innovation Department, states that while it isn’t often directly addressed for fear of casting doubt, the best leaders not only dream of great outcomes but also prepare for the possibility that they might fail spectacularly.

Adopt the right mindset traits

When it comes to running a successful business, mindset is paramount. In her article, “11 Mindset Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs,” serial entrepreneur Kate Hancock highlights the necessary traits to help budding entrepreneurs weather the highs and lows of starting a business. From staying open to other people’s ideas to stoking the fiery curiosity of your inner child, these mindset traits can ultimately decide whether you have what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.

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Don't reject your negative thoughts

As the age-old adage says, “You can’t have the good without the bad.” This is certainly proven true by Colin Darreta’s article, “Positivity is Overrated: How Negative Thinking Can Make Us Happier,” in which he underscores the problems with a pervasive fixation on positivity in work and life. Darreta, CEO and co-founder of Innovation Department, states that while it isn’t often directly addressed for fear of casting doubt, the best leaders not only dream of great outcomes but also prepare for the possibility that they might fail spectacularly. Darreta asserts that by embracing both sides of the positive/negative coin, people will be better equipped to look at both outcomes for what they really are: temporary moments.

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Address your mindset issues

There is more attention given to shifting your mindset when you’re in the early stages of your career, but what happens once you get the dream job? Tim Madden’s article, “How Hidden Mindset Issues Affect Your Career Growth” aims to answer this question and more. From getting too comfortable to fearing you’ll lose what you have, Madden reveals the mindset pitfalls those in their mid or late career could tumble into if they are not careful.

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Published October 04, 2021