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From recruitment chatbots to de-biasing software, there are several effective tools available for hiring managers to use throughout the recruitment process. — Getty Images/AntonioGuillem

From recruiting quality workers to vetting talent — and keeping track of every candidate in the process — hiring managers have a lot happening at once.

To sort through the surplus of resumes and cover letters they receive regularly, hiring managers use a variety of tools and apps to stay organized and find the best candidates. To help you stay afloat in your hiring efforts, here are eight of the most efficient tools.

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Applicant tracking software

Before the hiring process even starts, a manager can make it easier by using an applicant tracking software (ATS). An ATS, such as Avature or Recruiterbox, is one central database that streamlines all of the applicants’ information and follows them through the steps of the hiring process. By having all of this information in one place, it becomes easier to integrate additional tools and stay on top of all candidates.

Recruitment chatbots

A chatbot is a 24/7 pop-up chat box that can answer questions, screen resumes and schedule interviews when hiring managers are offline. After someone is finished with their application, the box with appear to offer more information. They increase the candidate experience by saving time and giving direct feedback, all at a low cost for recruiters.

Artificial intelligence for screening

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help screen candidates and save time by sorting through their resumes and applications. Integrated with the ATS, AI can grade resumes and applications based on the qualifications you’re looking for and the types of previous employees you’ve hired.

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With applying for a job online being as easy as a couple of clicks, hiring managers can be overwhelmed with the number of applications they receive.

FCRA-compliant background check services

The Fair Credit Reporting Act is a government legislation that promotes the accuracy, fairness and privacy of applicant information contained in the files of background checks. By using an FCRA-compliant background online service, such as GoodHire or AccurateNow, you get important background information on potential employees immediately.

Recruitment marketing software

Sometimes you have to look in different places for the right job — and the same goes for the right candidates. These applications use analytics and data to target, attract and engage with potential candidates who have yet to apply for your job. The software creates brand awareness for your company and its open roles and will keep those who apply in the loop during the hiring process.

Targeted job ads

Much like the above recruitment marketing software, using targeted ads will get your listings in front of the eyes of worthy candidates. The ads target potential employees by their location and if they’ve visited your site or job board previously.

De-biasing software

A common worry for hiring managers is unconscious bias. Companies want to have a diverse staff and don’t want to fall into the habit of hiring the same type of person with the same background repeatedly. De-bias software, such as Textio Hire or Skillist, removes words in job listings that may hinder a certain gender of worker from applying, and it also removes demographics such as race, location and age from their online profiles.

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Candidate scheduling software

When you finally select the candidates you want to interview, there can be much back and forth between trying to schedule it. Phone tag or delayed email responses can make a simple interaction last days. With an AI scheduling software, candidates can book their own times without any human interaction. On the hiring end, the software can block out busy times, book conference rooms and reschedule interviews.

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With applying for a job online being as easy as a couple of clicks, hiring managers can be overwhelmed with the number of applications they receive. Using all or a combination of these tools provides a seamless HR experience by saving both time and money while helping you find the right candidate.

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