A man crouches on a turquoise yoga mat with one knee on the ground and his arms stretched upward. On the screen of the open laptop in front of him, four other people, each in their own window of a video chat program, make similar poses.
Putting together a class as a team-building experience is a good way to foster communication and camaraderie while also introducing your team members to a potential new interest. — Getty Images/Prasit photo

In a professional landscape filled with remote and hybrid work environments, hybrid teams face the unique challenge of finding exercises and activities to do across both virtual and in-person platforms. For your next work retreat, happy hour, or department meeting, consider trying a few of these team-building exercises for hybrid teams.

Fun hybrid team-building activities

Online brain games

Online brain games are activities that stimulate the mind while cultivating problem-solving skills and collaboration among team members. Games such as Wordle encourage team members to work together to guess the word of the day in under six tries, while Framed features photo stills from a movie and asks teams to guess the correct film. Other similar games include Heardle, Nerdle, and Chessle. Determine which brain games will best fit your hybrid team, and ensure they can be played both virtually and in person.

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Trivia questions can be curated to fit your group’s interests, whether it’s TV shows, movies, history, or some other popular topic. Team members can learn more about one another by sharing their interests and collaborating as a team. Interactive websites allow the trivia screen to be displayed on a Zoom call, catering to both in-person and online participants. Examples of virtual trivia hosting options include Online Jeopardy, Water Cooler Trivia, and Virtual Happy Hour Trivia.

Virtual escape rooms

Virtual escape rooms can be played on Zoom or other video-conferencing platforms and are perfect for online and offline members. Your team members can collaborate and use combined skills to escape the room before time runs out. Teams that love Harry Potter can test their wits in the Hogwarts Digital Escape Room, while The Grimm Escape draws from classic fairy tales for the riddles and games that participants must complete to find the way out. There are dozens of available virtual escape rooms to choose from — keep in mind that some escape rooms may work better for your team than others. Poll your team to see which one they’d like to participate in.

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Team-building exercises are critical for hybrid teams as there can be a struggle to build a company culture without a set office space or home base for all team members.

Virtual classes

Virtual classes build team culture in multiple ways from providing your team with general education to fostering camaraderie and trust. Your employees can participate in virtual classes during a team retreat or via an online conference call with the class presented on screen. Examples of virtual classes to offer include yoga, cooking, and crafting. Or you could show a webinar recording related to your industry and then host a team discussion.

Craft or art kit

Let your team members unleash their creativity making a craft or completing an art kit together either in person or online. Your team can talk and get to know each other while completing the activity. You could ask one team member to lead the class if they have a specific skill such as knitting or watercolor painting while you provide your team with the necessary tools, either in person or shipped to their home. Another option is to provide everyone with an arts and crafts kit such as the Craftee DIY kit or a virtual painting kit.

Personality tests

From Buzzfeed quizzes to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, there are plenty of online personality tests to choose from and use to learn more about your teammates — and even yourself. This activity gives team members a better understanding of one another’s character traits while learning how certain personalities work well together or may need extra care during collaboration. Provide each team member with the personality test link, either in-person or online, and discuss the results.

The importance of cross-platform team building

Team-building exercises are critical for hybrid teams as there can be a struggle to build a company culture without a set office space or home base for all team members. Additionally, participating in team exercises reduces the chance of cliques in the workplace that may lead to harassment, discrimination, or other negative consequences. Knowing your team members as human beings instead of working machines fosters connections that will stay with employees long after the workday ends.

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