Team communication is vital for success.
From task management and calendar scheduling to deadline management and chat functions, using tech to increase team productivity can boost your bottom line. — Getty Images/NicoElNino

Collaboration is a key part of running a business of any size. Though your team might be a mighty group of 10 or fewer employees, it's fundamental to unify communications and project management in an organized, efficient way. A common goal and clear line of sight are imperative for team dynamics and, ultimately, team success.

There are several tools that will help you foster a collaborative environment and skyrocket your team’s productivity. Here are eight popular tools to boost team productivity at your business.

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Asana is used by companies like Intel, Uber, Pinterest and TED as their core method of communication. The platform gives you everything you need to stay in sync, hit deadlines and reach your team goals. Its visual appeal makes it user-friendly and welcoming, allowing teams to work through multiple layers seamlessly without much training (if any). It's logical and fluid, eliminating tedious manual tasks and minimizing unnecessary back and forth. And best of all, the basic package is free.


Slack is synonymous with flawless communication. The platform organizes conversations through groups and channels, looping in relevant team members. Remote teams come together to collaborate through the platform’s direct messages, video calling and file sharing. This real-time messaging tool is the epitome of collaboration. Pricing starts with a standard package for $6.67 per person billed yearly, or $8 per person billed monthly.


Available on both web and mobile apps, Trello is flexible project management software that allows teams to work with boards or lists, all organized by projects and different tasks. You can delegate assignments, set up daily to-do lists and give feedback with ease. Best of all, Trello integrates with many other apps, including Slack and Google Drive. This platform is the ideal space for efficient teamwork—everything in one place. Trello offers a free standard package with paid Business Class and Enterprise options available.


HelloFocus helps prioritize and organize tasks. This tool was designed based on scientific studies and the principle that excessive multitasking makes employees less productive. As a result, HelloFocus makes it easy for teams to tackle their daily to-dos. From automating recurring tasks to streamlining communication flows and replacing daily stand-ups and check-ins, this task management software simplifies workflows from all angles. HelloFocus charges a $30 annual fee.

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Collaboration is a key part of running a business of any size.


Positioned as a flexible, customizable platform perfect for communication, Podio creates structure at every turn. The project management platform highlights focus, combating distraction and confusion. Companies like Volvo, Deloitte and Sony have all used Podio to streamline communication, schedule meetings, assign tasks and share files. It's a compact solution to your business’s every need. Podio also has a mobile app to help remote teams and sales teams on-the-go. Features include progress updates, integrated workflows, file sharing and simplified task management. Podio is free for five employees; monthly charges begin at $9 for the Basic package, $14 for Plus and $24 for Premium.


Dubbed the all-in-one collaboration platform, Airtable is described as "part spreadsheet, part database." The platform is entirely flexible, giving you the freedom to arrange workflows to suit your team. Start with a template for whatever your team is currently working on: product planning, product launch, a content calendar, a sales CRM or just a basic project tracker. You'll have the benefits of cloud storage and the organization of spreadsheets, neatly molded into one. Airtable’s pricing starts with a free package and then increases to $10 per user for Plus and $20 per user for Pro.


Basecamp is a one-stop-shop for project management and internal communications. A key benefit of this tool is that it helps teams that previously haven’t worked remotely transition to doing so productively. Basecamp has neatly packaged all the tools your team needs to get work done. From a message board and a to-do list to a calendar schedule, group chat and automatic check-in function, it's designed to simplify chaos. Pricing starts with a 30-day free trial; thereafter, Basecamp charges a $99-per-month flat fee for unlimited users.


Huddle brings your team priorities to one single location. File sharing, task management, project documentation and the all-important team collaboration are all housed in one portal. Beautifully designed, the platform is user-friendly and professional. Huddle allows teams to collaborate with clients and partners, as well as internally. Huddle is one of the few productivity tools that boasts government-grade security and protected file sharing. As such, it’s used by teams from KPMG, Siemens and the Federal Aviation Administration. Pricing for Huddle starts at $10 per user per month.

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