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Livestreaming with users on Facebook can help build relationships with your existing clientele as well as introduce your brand and products to new customers. — Getty Images/LeoPatrizi

Shared experiences, such as livestreaming on Facebook, build personal connections while introducing audiences to a brand or product. A Facebook Live broadcast is easy to set up and a great way to boost engagement through video marketing.

However, before going live, there are some logistics to think about first. Whether you’re interviewing an expert or announcing a giveaway, use these tips to plan your broadcast and learn how to livestream on Facebook.

What is Facebook Live, and how does it work?

Facebook Live lets personal and business users stream live video in real time on a Facebook business page, profile, event page or in a group. It works on any device with an internet connection, including desktops, tablets and cell phones.

Business owners livestream on Facebook via the Facebook application for mobile devices or the Live Producer tool for laptops, desktops and broadcasting equipment.

The live broadcasts may appear in newsfeeds and, if your business page has at least 5,000 followers, it’ll show up in the Facebook Watch feed, which has “more than 1.25 billion” visitors per month, according to Facebook.

Facebook offers two applications for livestreaming. Each requires a video description, and you may be able to tag employees or friends, check into your business location and add a feeling or activity.

How to create a Facebook Live video

Before going live on Facebook, decide where to broadcast your video. In most cases, it’s beneficial to livestream to your Facebook business page. Doing so gives you access to livestream insights and supports cross-posting of your livestream to your group or event pages.

Additionally, a livestream on your business page lets you limit access to consumers within a specific geographic region or age group.

However, livestreaming in your Facebook group lets you interact with group members for more private or personal conversations. Plus, a livestream on your event page may drive ticket sales or sign-ups. But group and event live streams can’t be cross-posted to your business page.

Facebook offers two applications for livestreaming. Each requires a video description, and you may be able to tag employees or friends, check into your business location and add a feeling or activity.

Begin a Facebook Live broadcast using one of the following methods:

  • From a mobile device:Use the Facebook app to go to your business page, profile, group or event. Click the “Live” button at the bottom of the post composer. Add a video description and tap “Start Live Video.”
  • From a desktop or laptop: Go to Facebook Live Producer, pick your livestream location (timeline, page or group), and choose “Go Live Now” or “Schedule a Live Video.” Next, select your video source, either your computer or with streaming software. Lastly, pick your audience, write a description and add interactive elements, such as graphics, polls or questions. When you’re ready, click “Go Live.”

Follow Facebook Live best practices

Attract viewers and encourage them to stay for the duration of your livestream by following Facebook Live best practices, including:

  • Use a wired internet connection for better video quality and check your upload speed before beginning your live broadcast.
  • Promote your livestream via email, your website and social media channels by sharing livestream details with fans before the event.
  • Have a second person help monitor and reply to comments, troubleshoot technical issues, send the link to fans or embed the video on your website.
  • Don’t use music in the background unless you own the rights or have permission; otherwise, Facebook could remove the livestream.
  • Announce your brand and purpose immediately, and don’t forget to say hello as new people join and tell them why you’re hosting your livestream.

Host a Facebook Live broadcast

Facebook Live videos are a fun way to promote your brand, goods and services. Moreover, it’s easy to set up and broadcast live within minutes. Once you have a good reason to go live, know what device and channel you’ll use, head online and invite fans to join the conversation.

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