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You do your best to hire the right people, but it’s impossible to know how your employees are spending their work hours. If you want to evaluate employee productivity, the following ten tools will help.

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EmailAnalytics will make it easier for you to see how your team members manage their time in Gmail and GSuite. According to the company, the software is like Google Analytics for email.

The email monitoring tool will show you which employees send and receive the most emails and their average response times. You’ll receive daily and weekly reports delivered directly to your inbox.


Harvest is software that tracks your team members’ time as they move through their daily to-do list. The app will show you how your employees spend their time and who’s overworked. It also helps you track billable hours.

At the end of the week, your team members can submit their time sheets for you to approve, and the time sheets are easy to edit if one of your employees makes a mistake.


Everhour shows you how much time your employees spend on each task and how those tasks translate to profitability for your business. The software has features for task management, invoicing and cost management.

Everhour integrates with popular project management tools like Basecamp, Asana and Trello. When these programs are combined with Everhour, you can see how much time employees are spending on each project.


Asana is one of the best tools for work management and can help your employees stay focused on a project's details. You can use Asana to outline all the steps involved in a project, and then assign those tasks to team members and set deadlines.

The benefit of using Asana is that it can keep your entire team aligned on a work project's goals. And Asana’s task assignment feature holds everyone accountable for doing their part.


ActivTrak is a program you can install on any device to track your employees’ activities throughout the day. The software will give you deep insights into how your employees are spending their time.

One of the biggest advantages of using ActivTrak is that it provides opportunities for coaching unproductive employees. You can see which employees are disengaged and find opportunities to get them back on track.

You'll have a bird’s-eye view of what your employees are working on and any challenges they are encountering.


If you’re looking for a team-monitoring and task management software, iDoneThis is a great option. Instead of just tracking how your employees spend their time, the software gives employees opportunities to check in throughout the day.

Everyone on your team will report what they’ve accomplished and what they could not complete. You'll have a bird’s-eye view of what your employees are working on and any challenges they are encountering.


MyAnalytics is a tool from Microsoft that will give you more insight into your employees' daily productivity. It will show you how much time your employees are spending on meetings, sending emails and other work-related tasks.

MyAnalytics will also provide insights on how your employees can improve their daily work patterns. The software is available for Microsoft 365 users.


Monday makes it easier for your team to collaborate on work projects. You can create Kanban boards to manage the details of a project and assign tasks to team members. Your employees can access the boards to discuss the details, make changes and ask questions.

Monday allows you to automate simple workflows and eliminate the potential for human error. And the software gives you multiple ways to visually represent the progress of your projects.


ProofHub is a centralized place for your team to collaborate on projects. The software allows you to create task lists, upload documents and create workflows.

You’ll have the ultimate control over the project and you can create custom roles and private task lists. The software makes it easier for you to communicate with your team and helps everyone work together.


DeskTime is an automatic time-tracking software for teams that promises to help improve productivity levels by 30%. This employee-monitoring tool will show you both your employees' productive and unproductive habits.

The software will track the time your employees are spending both online and offline and will take screenshots. The dashboard gives you in-depth insights into how much time your employees are spending on various projects.

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