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In the realm of small business, there are hundreds of people you can follow to get advice on how to market companies and products, oversee employees, manage finances, embrace technology and so much more. However, with so much noise online, some of the most intriguing, diverse and creative voices don’t have the reach they deserve.

Here are seven under-the-radar small business experts you should be following.

Lisa Barone

Albany, New York–based Lisa Barone, the chief marketing officer for marketing agency Overit, has been helping companies for years with all things marketing, social media and content. On social media, she starts conversations about business and strategy, but she also writes a popular newsletter for Overit that is full of vital business insights. For example, a recent newsletter outlines insights from former Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, while another talks about how your business can build better bridges. Notably, Barone also gave a powerful TED Talk in 2011 about “what stuttering taught me about running a business,” where she tells businesses to embrace weirdness to make them stand out and be more marketable.

Follow Barone on Twitter and LinkedIn or subscribe to the Into & Overit newsletter.

Kim Beasley

Kansas City, Missouri–based Kim Beasley—a website, social media, branding and search engine marketing consultant—offers insights from the less-prominent role of an introvert. She teaches courses on building your presence on LinkedIn as an introvert. She is also the author of "The Creative Introverted Entrepreneur: A Roadmap For Building The Business Of Your Dreams" and the host of the Creative Introvert Entrepreneur Podcast. She’s also spoken publicly about overcoming bullying in the workplace.

Follow Beasley on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Joshua Jenson

Edmond, Oklahoma–based certified public accountant Joshua Jenson, a CPA for more than 23 years, uses his YouTube channel “JJ the CPA” to demystify financial matters to business owners. Recent video topics include when to apply for Paycheck Protection Program forgiveness, what to do in the face of uncertainty and streams of income for entrepreneurs versus business owners. On top of his YouTube videos, Jenson also has two books that provide financial advice for small businesses through the CPA lens.

Follow Jenson on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and his personal website.

Notably, Barone also gave a powerful TED Talk in 2011 about “what stuttering taught me about running a business,” where she tells businesses to embrace weirdness to make them stand out and be more marketable.

Mike Michalowicz

Mountain Lakes, New Jersey–based Mike Michalowicz, the author of multiple business books and a coach for business owners, was a successful entrepreneur behind three multimillion-dollar companies prior to his current role helping businesses innovate. Michalowicz was formerly a small business columnist for The Wall Street Journal, but he still shares wisdom and insights on his personal blog. Notable recent blog posts include tips to improve your business habits and how to build a better business culture despite the pandemic.

Follow Michalowicz on Twitter, LinkedIn and his website.

Barry Moltz

Chicago-based Barry Moltz, a small business expert who has penned several books and hosts a weekly radio show in Chicago, uses his platform to help educate business owners. After selling his own businesses, Moltz now coaches businesses in sales, marketing, social media, customer service and finance. Small businesses can get a lot of helpful advice from Moltz’s radio show, which can also be consumed as a podcast. Notable recent radio shows include one focused on lessons learned from major small business setbacks and one featuring a 22-year-old company that successfully pivoted during COVID-19.

Follow Moltz on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and his website.

Eric Siu

Los Angeles–based Eric Siu, an entrepreneur, author and podcast host, uses lessons from gaming and applies them in creative ways to help small businesses. Siu dispenses much free advice on YouTube, with videos on topics including marketing trends, SEO, case studies and sales strategies. Siu also shares stories and ideas weekly on his podcast, Leveling Up. Topics include how he crowdfunded his software company and top social media trends to pay attention to in 2021.

Follow Siu on Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and his personal website.

Ivana Taylor

Cleveland, Ohio–based Ivana Taylor, who has provided marketing advice to small businesses for more than 20 years, uses her platform DIY Marketers to teach entrepreneurs low-cost strategies. Taylor’s general pitch to companies is that they can be successful when spending only $17 a day on marketing. Some of Taylor’s most recent blog posts include marketing basics, justifying your price to customers and 10 COVID-19 ideas from which your business can learn.

Follow Taylor on Twitter, LinkedIn and her personal website.

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Published December 16, 2020