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This year, Wednesday, October 18 is National Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day. There are several ways you can support your local chamber, including hosting an event. — Getty Images/AvailableLight

Each year, the third Wednesday in October is National Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day — and this year, that means the day to celebrate is October 18. This holiday is a chance to thank local chambers across the country for all they do to help businesses of all sizes.

There are approximately 4,000 local chambers of commerce across the United States that all seek to support job creation and the economic development of local communities. Whether or not you’re a member of a local chamber, it’s a great day to come together, meet other business owners in your area, and recognize the power of small businesses.

“The U.S. Chamber is excited to celebrate National Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day and thank local chambers across the country for all they do to support entrepreneurs, businesses from large to small, and their communities,” said Sara Armstrong, Vice President and Managing Director, Federation Relations and Grassroots Advocacy, of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

“Local chambers provide networking and mentorship opportunities and play a critical role in strengthening the collective voice of their members by promoting policies at the state and local levels that will help businesses create jobs and grow the economy,” Armstrong said.

If you’re interested in supporting your local chamber, there are plenty of ways to get involved! Here are a few options to consider.

Join your local chamber of commerce

Your local chamber of commerce exists to support the interests of businesses in your area. By becoming a member, you can take advantage of networking opportunities, advertise to customers in your area, access discounts, and more.

Each chamber of commerce is made of members from the business community — entrepreneurs and business owners like you. It’s a great resource for getting advice and finding the right resources to help grow your business.

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To find your local chamber of commerce, find the nearest chamber to your city using the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s national directory.

If you’re able, consider giving a discount to members of your local chamber who shop at your store on October 18.

Host an event

If you’re already a member, you probably know that one of the best parts of joining a chamber is the chance to support and be supported by fellow business owners. National Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day offers an opportunity to do just that. Consider hosting an event at your storefront, restaurant, or office for existing and prospective members of your local organization.

Offer a special discount to members

If you’re able, consider giving a discount to members of your local chamber who shop at your store on October 18. Discounts are a great way to increase foot traffic to your storefront or online site, as well as to show your appreciation to your organization. You may find that the bump in sales is well worth the effort!

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Invite members to volunteer together

Consider partnering with your local chamber on a volunteer effort. Cleaning up a park, delivering meals to those in need, or spending time at a nearby animal shelter is a great way to give back to the community and gain visibility for chamber members. Getting out around the city is a chance to meet potential customers and promote your business, as well as your local chamber.

Post on social media

Take to social media on or before Wednesday, October 18, to celebrate the day and tag your local chamber! Highlight any events you’ve attended in the past year or any positive experiences you’ve had, thanks to your local chamber of commerce.

Let your followers recognize the hard work of chambers of commerce nationwide. If you’re looking for inspiration for your post, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has a toolkit with suggested captions and social graphics you can choose from.

Ultimately, this day is all about how chambers of commerce around the country empower businesses to grow and thrive, even in challenging circumstances. Take the time to celebrate this October 18!

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