September 18, 2023


Each year on the third Wednesday in October, we celebrate National Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day and thank local chambers across the country for all they do to help entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes thrive. 

State and local chambers of commerce provide a community for local business owners – hosting workshops, networking events, and mentorship opportunities. In addition, by bringing businesses together over common issues of concern, they play a critical role in strengthening the collective voice of their members and promoting pro-business policies at the local and state level. 

There are approximately 4,000 chambers of commerce across the United States, all seeking to advance their members’ interests, spur job creation, and promote economic development. To extend their reach beyond their local markets, many of those chambers are also members of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and benefit from a nationwide grassroots network and the expertise and knowledge of our policy experts.  

Local chambers

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