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Former Executive Director, Federation Programs and Grassroots Political Affairs and Federation Relations, U.S. Chamber of Commerce


September 20, 2023


With thousands of chambers of commerce thriving today, it’s no secret that chambers are an integral part of business communities nationwide. And while the primary purpose of a chamber of commerce is to serve its community and the businesses they represent, often times chambers are in the background, pulling strings and making magic happen without garnering much attention.

That’s why Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day, which takes place on the third Wednesday of every October, is a great time to highlight the work that chambers do every day to promote free enterprise, boost the economy, and celebrate their local communities.

Let’s look at some of the behind-the-scenes work chambers, including their staff and volunteers, do on a regular basis.

Advocating on Behalf of Business

Chambers of commerce are the voice of their local business communities with policymakers and government entities. Whether it’s lobbying for favorable business regulations or advocating for the interests of local small business owners, when it impacts the business community, you can count on your chamber’s involvement.

Promoting Economic Development

From attracting new businesses to their communities to helping existing businesses expand, promoting economic development is a top priority for chambers.

Helping Businesses Thrive

Chambers provide the resources local businesses need to grow and thrive, like networking opportunities to connect with new customers and other businesses.

Serving Communities

Whether it’s promoting tourism or engaging communities in major events, chambers of commerce place bettering their communities at the top of their to-do lists.

Join us in thanking your local chamber of commerce for their work today and every day. Not a member of a chamber? Let’s change that! Use this directory to find a chamber of commerce near you.

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Lexi Branson

Lexi Branson

Lexi R. Branson is executive director of federation programs and grassroots at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Branson directs outreach and advocacy efforts to the grassroots and the federation of trade associations and chambers across the country. She also oversees the fly-in briefing program for visiting delegations.