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How to Attract Gen Z Customers at Your Small Business

Gen Z customers are interested in supporting small businesses, browsing stores via social media, and buying sustainably. Read on to learn how to attract Gen Z shoppers.

How to Find Businesses for Sale

You can find independent and franchised businesses for sale by working with a business broker, using sale platforms, or leveraging your network.

How to Prepare Your Business for Sale

Selling your business can stir up emotions and cause overwhelm. Here are some steps to prepare for the sale and eliminate stressors.

Tax Record Retention: What Documents Should You Keep?

How long should you store tax returns, statements, and supporting documents? Learn about the IRS records retention requirements.

Can a Small Business Go Public?

Thinking about an initial public offering (IPO)? Learn what qualifies a company to go public, the reasons for doing so, and alternatives for ineligible entities.

What Is an Annual Report, and How Do You File It?

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and many states require businesses to file annual reports. Use this guide to meet your reporting obligations.

How to Write a Nonprofit Business Plan

A nonprofit business plan ensures your organization’s fundraising and activities align with your core mission.

How to Protect Your IP: Guide for Artists and Creators

Discover helpful, actionable tips to protect your intellectual property as an artist and creator for both physical and digital manifestations of your work.

What to Know Before Starting a Nonprofit

There are many regulations to consider as you navigate starting a new nonprofit organization.

Future Work Trends For Small Businesses

The world of work is changing, and small businesses need to be looking ahead at future trends to stay competitive and retain talent.

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