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Small Business

There are more than 30 million small businesses in the U.S., employing nearly half of the entire American workforce. Through their resilience, drive, and creativity, these small businesses fuel the American economy. They build careers, power innovations, and serve communities across the country.

Empowering Small Business: The Impact of Technology on Small Business

Technology and Small Business

Report finds that technology is a driver of economic success for small businesses and that policymakers must encourage an environment that enables all businesses to succeed with digital tools.

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Small Business Bill of Rights


The Small Business Bill of Rights summarize the basic rights of business owners in America—and represent policies the U.S. Chamber supports and fights for every day.

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Our Work

The Chamber’s Small Business Council supports and fights for policies that keep Main Street businesses thriving and workforce vibrant. This includes advocating for a tax and regulatory environment that helps—not hurts—small business owners to create jobs and serve our communities and economy.

4 Entrepreneurial Insights on Starting a New Business

Chamber OnDemand

In CO–’s inaugural Start. Run. Grow event, four entrepreneurs share success stories and challenges to encourage future leaders to start their own businesses.

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