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Small Business Policy

The Small Business Policy team formulates small business policy and assists small business members in creating effective grassroots actions and strategies on legislative, regulatory and international initiatives.

The Small Business Policy team manages the Small Business Council, the U.S. Chamber’s principal policy committee and action group representing the issues of concern to small business. In addition to formulating small business policy, the council assists in creating strategies on legislative, regulatory and international initiatives. The group is able to bring to the Chamber’s Board of Directors attention issues they regard as important or comment on the small business impact of policy being formulated by other Chamber standing policy committees.

Catch up on the latest data and what it means for the health of America's small businesses.

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The U.S. Chamber urges Congress to enact the “Main Street Tax Certainty Act,” which would make the 20% pass-through deduction permanent.

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Make a commitment to help small business suppliers and vendors manage their capital and improve cash flow.

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Small business policy expert

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