The council is the U.S. Chamber’s principal policy committee and action group representing the issues of concern to small business. In addition to focusing on small business policy, the council assists in creating effective grass roots actions and strategies on legislative, regulatory and international initiatives. The group is able to bring to the U.S. Chamber Board’s attention small business issues they regard as important or comment on the small business impact of policy being considered by other Chamber standing policy committees.

The majority of the membership is comprised of small business owners whose size range from the self-employed to larger enterprises. Other members may include CEO’s or small business directors of state and local chambers of commerce, small business advocates of member associations, and small business representatives of organizations dedicated to serving the interests of small businesses.

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Tort Costs for Small Businesses

According to research commissioned by ILR and performed by the Brattle Group, businesses making $10 million or less annually account for just 20 percent of commercial revenues, but they bear 48 percent of the commercial tort costs—amounting to an estimated $160 billion in 2021.