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Strategy Studio

Tips and advice for business growth and development.

Strengthening Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

CO— Strategy Studio aims to help small business owners pursue further growth and develop the skills necessary to achieve their goals as they continue to thrive at any stage of their business development. Throughout this series, owners and small business stakeholders will get exclusive access to expert advice and hear from leaders like themselves on how they can put these strategies into action.

CO— Strategy Studio: Why Good Accounting Matters at Tax Time. Prepare Now.

Discover how year-round tax preparation can benefit your small business in this episode of CO— Strategy Studio, where experts and small business owners offer actionable insights and tax strategies.

CO— Strategy Studio: Optimizing Hybrid Work

From selecting the right tech tools to implementing the right policies, here’s how to make a hybrid work arrangement work for your small business team.

CO— Strategy Studio: Doing Business with Big Businesses

Follow these expert strategies to identify partnership opportunities and maintain long-term relationships with big businesses.

CO— Strategy Studio: Small Business Day

In this episode of CO— Strategy Studio: Small Business Day, small business owners and experts share insights on entrepreneurship and advice for handling struggles in today's business climate.

CO— Strategy Studio: Managing Your Cash Flow

Your business’s cash flow is a direct view of its financial health. Here are some expert tips, metrics, and technologies to help manage your cash flow.

CO— Strategy Studio: Navigating Tax Season

Whether you own a new startup or a growing enterprise, here are some expert tax tips to follow this season and onward.