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Business Financing

You'll need cash to grow your business. Everything you need to know about traditional business loans and alternative lenders.

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How to Get Funding for Your Inventions

Are you ready to get paid for invention ideas or bring your design to market? Explore key considerations and seven financing methods.

What Is Cost of Equity, and How Do You Calculate It?

When investing in a business project or opportunity, you need to see a return worth the risk. Learn how the cost of equity influences your decision.

How to Choose an Investor for a Small Business

Need funding for your small business? Keep these points in mind when selecting an investor.

How to Seek Small Business Investors

Here’s what entrepreneurs should consider when looking for investment opportunities for their businesses.

How to Fund Your Business

Here’s a detailed guide on how to fund your business, whether you’re just beginning or you have a few years under your belt.

10 Alternative Lenders for Small Business Loans

Need working capital or new equipment? Consider a nonbank alternative lender that offers flexible terms and fast funding.

How to Start a Kickstarter Campaign

Kicking off a Kickstarter? Start by setting realistic expectations and building a community to support your idea.

Best Tips from Famous Investors

What do famous investors look for when they’re ready to put their money—or their investment firm’s capital—behind a company?

What Is the Opportunity Finance Network?

Low-income communities can benefit from the support and financial services provided by the Opportunity Finance Network. Learn how to join the network as a member or ally.

Terms You Should Know Before Pitching Investors

Walk the walk and talk the talk to get on the same page as potential investors and make your opportunity sound exciting.