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Business Financing

You'll need cash to grow your business. Everything you need to know about traditional business loans and alternative lenders.

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Seasonal Business Taxes: Guide for Business Owners

Seasonal businesses are responsible for paying taxes like any other business. The only difference lies in payroll taxes.

How to Apply for a Restaurant Revitalization Fund Grant

The new Restaurant Revitalization Fund, part of the recently passed American Rescue Plan Act, provides $28.6 billion in grants to restaurants and bars in need.

What to Know About Second-Draw PPP Loans

Many businesses that received PPP loans in 2020 can now apply for second-draw PPP loans. Here’s what they need to know about this expanded program.

Guide to Shuttered Venue Operator Grants in the Latest Stimulus Package

Live venue operators affected by COVID-19 disruptions might want to move quickly to apply for $16 billion in new grants.

A Guide to Venture Capital

Venture capital is a great option for new businesses looking to grow. Here’s how it works.

Private Equity vs. Venture Capital: What’s the Difference?

If you’re looking for investors, you’ve probably heard of private equity and venture capital. But what’s the difference and which option should you pursue?

How to Choose the Right Private Equity Fund for Your Business

“Private equity” actually encompasses a few different types of funds. Here we outline the differences in these funds and how to choose the right one for your business.

Resources for PPP Loan Forgiveness Help

Applying for forgiveness for a Paycheck Protection Loan can be a challenging task. These resources can help you navigate how to get full forgiveness.

Best Financing Options for Franchise Businesses

Like franchise opportunities themselves, financing options are many and varied.
By: Joyce Walsack

Guide to Restructuring Your Business's Debt

Here’s how to restructure your business debt to avoid bankruptcy and improve your cash flow.