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Balancing the need to attract new customers while keeping your existing clients happy.

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Improve Customer Service Using AI

Artificial intelligence tools help your customers get the support they need faster without adding to the headcount of your service team.

5 Tips for Managing B2B Customer Expectations

In the B2B market, customer satisfaction is essential to a business’s long-term success. Here are five ways to effectively manage B2B customer expectations.

How to Turn a Negative Customer Experience Into a Positive One

When things go wrong in a customer experience, use it as an opportunity to address the customer’s needs and strengthen your brand.

How to Get to Know Your Customers: 6 Effective Tips

Establishing a customer relationship is crucial to a brand’s success. Learn how to effectively connect with your audience using these tips.

12 Common CRM Questions Answered

Are you considering CRM software for your small business? Get answers to pressing questions and learn what to ask during a product demo.

How to Choose the Best CRM Software

What should you look for in a CRM system? Use this guide to review CRM solutions.

How to Write a Refund and Return Policy

Straightforward return and exchange guidelines improve consumer experiences while reducing fraud. Learn how to draft a solid policy.

How to Handle Customer Complaints

Customer criticisms can be hard to stomach, but they’re an inevitable part of doing business. Explore strategies for turning negative experiences into positive ones.

How to Tell a Client They Are Wrong

Customers hire you for your expertise, and sometimes that means correcting their mistakes. Get practical advice for communicating in a results-driven industry.

How to Deal with Angry Customers Online: Expert Tips

When working with irate online customers, empathy and listening are key to defusing anger.