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How This Women-Founded Startup Landed Walmart

Married Co-founders Mia Abbruzzese and Alexandra Fennell launched Attn: Grace, a line of sustainable incontinence products for women that aims to destigmatize the common condition.

Google Pushes to Help Small Businesses Sell More With Generative AI

How the search engine giant is weaving (free) content creation tools into its shopping ecosystem to level the playing field between big brands and SMBs.

How Retailer J. Jill Is Leveraging the 40-Plus Women’s Market

The clothing brand has expanded its sizes, created a premium collection, and added more work outfit options in response to customer feedback.

How Bancroft Capital Created A Meaningful Business Model

Cauldon Quinn, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bancroft Capital, shares how his military experience inspired his business’s mission to both do well and do good.

Loyalty Programs Evolve to Deliver Experiential Rewards

A cross section of brands’ revamped rewards strategies rely on elevated perks to woo today’s consumers.

Oracle NetSuite VP Discusses Her "Informal" Mentors

Allison Auclair explains how her three mentors — two from her distant past and one who has been her mentor from day one at her current job — impact her decision-making every day.

Security Experts on How SMBs Can Protect Customer Data From Cybercriminals

Execs share the key safeguard measures and employee training necessary to thwart hackers amid the growth of e-commerce and other digital touchpoints.

Constant Contact Wants to Help SMBs Monetize Content Via AI

Chief Product Officer for the marketing technology company on vastly simplifying campaign creation for small businesses across email, text, and social media.

How Spritz Society Became a Multimillion-Dollar Cocktail Brand

Founder and influencer Ben Soffer has leveraged social media savvy to build a loyal brand fanbase in stores and online in the crowded ready-to-drink alcohol beverage market.

How LibroMobile Helps Young Employees Understand Business

Founder Sarah Rafael Garcia shares her aim to help guide young employees to learn not only the tasks for which they’re responsible, but how business operates and how to take pride in their jobs.