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Dickies CMO on How the Legacy Apparel Brand Wins Over New Consumers

Sarah Crockett on the marketing initiatives and brand collaborations that are helping the ubiquitous workwear brand retain its heritage credibility while appealing to a new generation.

How Businesses Leverage Nostalgia to Win Over New Customers

Products and memories from the past are a powerful way to reach today’s young consumers.

Small Businesses Relishing Spooky Season

From fall pumpkins to witches and terrors, these quirky small businesses delight in the gothic, grim, and goofy elements of Halloween.

How is Walmart Helping Small Businesses Scale

The giant retailer is expanding its Walmart Marketplace platform to attract more third-party sellers, which are helping to boost its online business.

How Tech Startup Wunderkind Snared Millions in Funding

The startup that uses AI to personalize ads defies the odds and raises $151 million in venture capital, in part during a credit crunch.

How A Woman-Owned Coffee Startup Achieved Its Black-History-Driven Dreams

Jessica Taylor combined her love of coffee, history, supporting students, and educating people of color into a business that elevates Black and LGBTQ stories through specialty coffee blends.

Experts Share Holiday Marketing Trends

A focus on offering high-value gift deals, personalized offers, sustainability, and human customer service are among this year’s potential winning strategies for retailers and brands, analysts say.

How A Beauty Entrepreneur Took Her Brand from Swap Meets to Urban Outfitters

Competing in the $57 billion U.S. beauty industry against titans who have big advertising budgets is tough. Yet Hernandez did just that with Beauty Creations, poised to surpass $60 million in sales.

Small Businesses Thriving Through Upcycling

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” rings true for these six small businesses that transform unwanted textiles and organic waste products into fashion statements.

How Big Brands Leverage Customer Reviews to Increase Sales

Backpack maker JanSport, underwear brand MeUndies, and La Colombe Coffee Roasters are among the companies tapping tech tools to optimize consumer review content to deliver results.