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How to Use Marketing Automation to Grow Your Small Business

Marketing automation can help your marketing team work more productively and collaborate with sales to drive growth.

What Are Marketing Automation Tools?

Marketing automation tools help your business reach customers faster and easier, taking on the routine tasks that often eat into your workday.

What Is the Difference Between Advertising and Marketing?

Marketing and advertising focus on promoting products and services, but they do it in different ways.

What Is a Canonical URL?

Canonical URLs can improve your search engine optimization strategy and help your site appear in Google Search results.

How to Get to Know Your Following Better

The makeup of your social media followers may change as your account gains traction. Here's how to check in and get to know your followers better.

How to Create a Marketing Budget for Your Business

Your business goals, industry, and customers will determine your marketing budget.

Marketing Tools for Influencers

These marketing tools can help influencers sign more clients and monetize their social media channels.

Free Digital Marketing Tools Every Small Business Can Use

These free digital marketing tools boost your visibility at no cost to your bottom line.

Why Customers May Prefer Leaving Text Testimonials

Especially with AI-powered feedback tools, customers may feel more comfortable leaving a text-based review than a video-based one.

Building Buzz for Your Small Business Product

Trying to generate buzz around your small business product? Strategic preannouncement marketing is the key to a successful launch.