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How To Become A Better People Manager

Becoming a better people manager requires good communication, delegation, and consistency.

How to Boost ROI With Influencer Marketing: Tips for Small Businesses

Effective influencer marketing tactics can boost a business's ROI. Here are some best practices to follow when utilizing this strategy.

How to Market Your Charitable Involvement

It’s always good to give back, but the way you market your charitable involvement can resonate differently with customers. Here’s how to send the right message.

How Do Charitable Donations Impact Your Taxes?

Donating throughout the year can significantly lower your tax burden, but make sure you’re keeping the right documentation filed.

Should Your Business Donate To Charity?

Donating to charity is a great thing to do, but there are many different aspects you need to be prepared to navigate as you give back.

Crisis PR Tips for Small Businesses

In a crisis, it’s important to keep clear lines of communication, craft credible talking points, and share an action plan that makes customers feel reassured.

How to Revive Your Company's Image Problem

Rehauling your company’s image starts by assessing the problem and building a layered approach to rectifying the situation.

How to Use Live Event Polling Tools

Capture and keep attendees’ attention during your livestream, video meeting, or sales presentation. Use these features and apps to poll your audience.

How to Market Your Sustainable Business

Customers are more concerned about the environment than ever and want to work with socially responsible companies. Here are six ways to market your sustainable business.

How to Sell on Facebook: Small Business Guide

Selling on Facebook can boost your revenue whether you run a Facebook Shop or sell on the Marketplace. Here's how to use Facebook tools and features to make sales.