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Creating an Inclusive Lifestyle Brand to Reflect Today’s Youth

The founders of lifestyle brand EPIC Everyday are creating a more inclusive world for Black, multicultural, and transracial adoptive children through their products.

Queer-Owned Print Shop Brings Visibility to LGBTQ+ Community

Steven Romeo, founder of Music City Creative, shares how their print shop helps bring larger visibility to the local LGBTQ+ community.

Woman-Owned Vegan Beauty Founder on Taking Risks in Business

Founder Melissa Arpino shares risks she’s taken in business and how she’s overcome professional setbacks.

How Minority-Owned Tech Business TOOTRiS Supports Working Parents

In today’s digital age, TOOTRiS uses unique technology to help parents search, vet and enroll their children into affordable programs.

Inclusive Cafe Offers a Welcoming Space for Marginalized Groups

Hideaway Cafe owner Victoria Kidd shares how her humanitarian efforts and social activism led to owning an inclusive cafe in downtown Winchester, Virginia.

How Trust and Team Building Led to Success at This Small Business

Brian Hill, co-founder of the business IT solutions provider, developed fundamentals for his company that drive their trust-focused culture.

How Embark Trucks Changed the Trucking Industry

Engineer Alex Rodrigues used his robotics expertise to innovate safe, sustainable solutions for the trucking industry.

How Businesses Can Implement Second Chance Hiring

Discover how businesses in the public and private sectors can advance second chance hiring initiatives for formerly incarcerated individuals.

Community-Driven Brand Supports Local Creatives

Made In Corpus Christi founder Nikki Riojas seeks to build a stronger, thriving creative community by strengthening local relationships.

How to Make Business Equal for Women Entrepreneurs

Female entrepreneurs and leaders highlight measures and programs in place to accelerate the growth of the U.S. women-owned business ecosystem.