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Entrepreneurs tell us in their own voices how they've managed to thrive and grow in spite of the challenges they've faced along the way.

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Interview With the Founder of Petit Beau Barber Lounge

Perry Petit-Beau, founder of Fort-Lauderdale-based barbershop Petit Beau Barber Lounge, discusses his path to entrepreneurship and lessons he's learned along the way.

A House Called Hue Founder Shares Tips for Small Business Success

Destiny Brewton, Founder of A House Called Hue, shares her top lessons learned as the owner of a growing embroidery business.

How Organization Skills Helped Pivot Everythang Sauce Online

Everythang Sauce owners India Russell and Lamont Stuckey used their resources and organizational skills to systematize and grow their e-commerce business.

Advice From the Founders of America's Hottest Startups

Leaders from the most successful startups share their guiding principles for new entrepreneurs.

How LipRevolt Bridged the Gap Between Beauty and Activism

Entrepreneur Courtney Wright established cosmetics brand and fundraising platform LipRevolt to bridge the gap between beauty, community service, and activism.

How a Veteran Entrepreneur Filled a Community Need

Jennifer Seitz, Navy veteran and owner of New Jersey plant shop Kennedy and Vine, filled a need in her local community by building her business from scratch.

Creating an Inclusive Lifestyle Brand to Reflect Today’s Youth

The founders of lifestyle brand EPIC Everyday are creating a more inclusive world for Black, multicultural, and transracial adoptive children through their products.

Queer-Owned Print Shop Brings Visibility to LGBTQ+ Community

Steven Romeo, founder of Music City Creative, shares how their print shop helps bring larger visibility to the local LGBTQ+ community.

Woman-Owned Vegan Beauty Founder on Taking Risks in Business

Founder Melissa Arpino shares risks she’s taken in business and how she’s overcome professional setbacks.

How Minority-Owned Tech Business TOOTRiS Supports Working Parents

In today’s digital age, TOOTRiS uses unique technology to help parents search, vet and enroll their children into affordable programs.