Balancing the need to attract new customers while keeping your existing clients happy.

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How Introverts Can Build Connections With Customers

Here’s how to find your strengths and use them for cultivating client relationships.

How to Communicate a Data Breach to Customers

Cyberattacks can result in viruses, data breaches, or other compromising situations. In any case of a cyberattack, you need to alert your affected customers.

How to Tell Customers an Employee Has Left Your Company

Losing an employee is tough. Telling your customers is also hard. Here are some guidelines for getting through the conversation with grace.

How to Communicate a Product Discontinuation to Customers

Are you discontinuing a product? It could be a touchy subject if not handled properly. Here’s how to tell your customers that you’ve moved on from their favorite product.

How to Communicate a Price Increase to Customers

Rising costs can require raising your prices. How do you approach this touchy subject with your customers? Read on for some tips and tricks.

5 Touchy Subjects and How to Communicate Them to Your Customers

It’s not easy to break news to customers that may disrupt their experience with your business. Here’s how to address five touchy subjects with transparency and a focus on customer service.

Franchise Owners Share Secrets for Bringing Customers In-Store

As online shopping becomes more prevalent, brick-and-mortar shop owners must stay competitive and proactively encourage customers to shop in-store.

Creative Ways Businesses Can Employ Membership Pricing Models

Here are some ways you can create recurring revenue through memberships.

Communicating With Customers About Supply Chain Problems

As delays in the supply chain mount, it’s vital that the lines of communication with your customers remain open.

Expert Tips for Finding New Customers

Looking to attract new customers to your business? Here’s some inside tips from successful business owners.