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Welcome Back!

A guide to welcoming your customers and employees back to your business.

CO— is here to help.

We know that the concept of returning to work looks different for every business, so our goal is to provide small business owners like you with the resources, tips and tangible advice that you need to create the picture of what that looks like for your own unique needs.

How to Test Business Ideas

Testing your business idea will help you prove its viability and ensure there's a solid market for your new company. Here are seven steps to get started.

How to Be a More Authentic Entrepreneur (and How It Can Help Your Business)

Authenticity is more than just a marketing buzzword. Here's how to make your next venture truly authentic to build long-term customer loyalty.

Old-Fashioned Businesses Making a Comeback

Though innovation and technological advancements left some businesses obsolete, other old-fashioned businesses are making comebacks in the modern age.

How Small Businesses Leverage Live Chat and Why You Should

Real-time chat tools improve sales and customer support services. Explore ways your company can use and benefit from live chat.

The Key Statements of Financial Reporting

Good financial accounting leads to good financial reporting, and those reports commonly come in the form of four key financial documents.

Procurement Best Practices for SMBs

An effective procurement process strengthens your supply chain and enables growth. Learn why small businesses should approach procurement strategically.

How Bugaboo North America Created a Parent-Friendly Culture That Yields High Worker Satisfaction

Expanded paid maternity leave and remote-work flexibility has resulted in improved employee engagement and happiness.

Ready. Set. Scale. Growth Tips from Successful Startup Sunday Swagger

Authentic relationships, community-building, and customer engagement are the key to sustained business growth in the modern world.

Health and Wellness Disruptor Hims & Hers Finds New Niches to Fuel Growth

COO Melissa Baird on how personalization and AI tools have become core pillars for expanding the company’s specialized services, from heart health to weight management treatments.

Common Startup Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Avoid frequent pitfalls like lack of market research and poor bookkeeping to set your new business up for success.