U.S. Chamber Policy Priorities for 2020

Thursday, January 9, 2020 - 9:30am

Every day, American businesses roll up their sleeves and go to work serving their customers, employees, and communities. And, every day, we at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce roll up our sleeves to serve them. 

Our mission is to help businesses of every size, sector, and region drive a vibrant, growing economy that creates opportunity and supports jobs for 130 million Americans. The entrepreneurs, innovators, and workers that make that happen rely on the right policies at every level —local, state, national, and global. Only the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, along with its federation of state and local chamber partners and vast network of American Chambers of Commerce abroad, has the reach to represent the interests of American businesses in Washington, across the country, and around the world. 

This booklet provides an overview of the Chamber's policy priorities for 2020. It may be an election year, but that’s no excuse for inaction from our leaders. 

This year, the Chamber will advocate on these issues, knowing they will strengthen our economy, support our communities, and better Americans’ lives. 

This publication covers the following issues in depth. 

  • Capital Markets & Financial Regulation 
  • Cyber and Supply Chain 
  • Education and Workforce 
  • Energy 
  • Environmental Affairs & Sustainability 
  • Health Care 
  • Immigration 
  • Infrastructure 
  • Intellectual Property (IP) 
  • International Trade, Investment and Regulatory Policy 
  • Legal Reform 
  • Retirement 
  • Small Business 
  • Tax and Economic Development 
  • Technology 
  • U.S. Chamber Litigation Center 
  • Workplace Policy 

Download the booklet