Air Date

May 6, 2021

Featured Guests

Brant Caraberis
Director of Media, Staples U.S. Retail

Dionna Dorsey
Owner and Designer, District of Clothing

Melissa Boloña
Founder and CEO, The Beauty & the Broth

Michelle Murphy
Owner, Wilson Murphy Law


Jeanette Mulvey
Vice President and Editor-in-Chief, CO—


Small businesses often don’t have substantial resources on hand, but they still need to spend on marketing and protecting the brands they have worked so hard to build. But what are the most cost-effective ways to do this?

During this recent CO— Roadmap for Rebuilding event, small business experts spoke about the best ways to define your audience, build effective marketing plans, and the right steps to take to protect the brand you are marketing to the public.

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