August 23, 2019


For over a century, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has taken a stand to be the voice of American businesses in Washington, across our nation, and around the world. Our members and the 30 million small and large businesses across America have relied on us to speak clearly on the issues and the importance of the free enterprise system.

When American businesses succeed,everyonebenefits, no matter where they’re from, what line of work they’re in, or which political party they support. The U.S. Chamber works with members of both parties towards viable solutions that will help the economy, rather than hinder it. We have worked with the current administration to advance tax reform that puts more money in taxpayers' pockets. We have urged caution in engaging in harmful trade wars that threaten to undo so much of the strong economic gains the U.S. has made since the Great Recession.

We do this work because we believe in a prosperous America. Not everyone agrees with our point of view. And that’s important -- those who oppose our positions have every right to express their beliefs, participate in constructive dialogue, and make sound arguments in favor of the positions they support.

They don’t, however, have the right to distort facts and mislead the public about who we are, what we do, what we support, or how we engage in the democratic process on behalf of our members.

We welcome the free press to cover our organization, challenge our positions, and feature the views of those who disagree with us. Reporters also have a responsibility to adhere to widely accepted journalism standards – and be impartial, fair, objective and balanced in the way they present their coverage about the Chamber and the issues we represent.

We created Chamber on the Record to ensure the facts about our organization, and the positions our members care about, prevail. We intend to use this platform to highlight examples when news outlets, opinion leaders and others accurately address matters involving the Chamber. Likewise, we will use this forum to set the record straight on misleading or inaccurate reporting. And we will clarify our positions on timely issues.

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