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Appellants file joint motion for voluntary dismissal in litigation over the Obama administration’s 2015 Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule

December 23, 2019

After the Trump administration’s rule rescinding the 2015 rule took effect on December 23, thus eliminating the 2015 WOTUS rule, the U.S. Chamber and its co-plaintiffs moved to dismiss their appeal regarding an injunction against the 2015 rule. The Tenth Circuit subsequently dismissed the appeal as moot.

U.S. Chamber files brief of appellants, asking Tenth Circuit to reverse District Court’s order denying preliminary injunction against 2015 WOTUS rule promulgated by Obama administration

August 07, 2019

Click here to view the brief of appellants filed by the U.S. Chamber and a coalition of private and state plaintiffs. The Tenth Circuit previously vacated the District Court’s order sua sponte dismissing the case for lack of jurisdiction.

Thomas R. McCarthy and J. Michael Connolly of Consovoy McCarthy PLLC served as co-counsel for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on behalf of the U.S. Chamber Litigation Center in this case.

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