National Labor Relations Board

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Docket Number

16-CA-26371, 26392; 20-CA-33367, 33655, 33562, 33603; 28-CA-21226


Case Updates


October 22, 2010

The National Labor Relations Board ruled that employers and labor organizations must post paper notices to remedy unfair labor practices and also distribute the notices electronically in cases where the charged party customarily uses such technology for other messages.

NCLC files amicus brief addressing electronic posting of NLRB remedial orders

June 11, 2010

At the invitation of the NLRB, NCLC filed a brief urging the NLRB not to compel electronic posting of remedial Board orders. NCLC noted that not all employees have access to a computer, and that other government notices do not require electronic posting. NCLC also argued that compelling the posting of every remedial Board order would diminish the ability of an order to deter future violations. If the Board compels electronic posting, NCLC advised the NLRB to require unions to post orders on union websites and e-mail, and to require posting only for egregious unfair labor practices.

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