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California Supreme Court holds that a plaintiff whose individual claim under the Private Attorneys General Act is resolved in arbitration still has standing to pursue representative PAGA relief in court on behalf of other similarly situated employees

July 17, 2023

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U.S. Chamber files amicus brief

December 20, 2022

The U.S. Chamber filed an amicus brief urging the California Supreme Court to hold that, under the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Viking River Cruises v. Moriana, employees who have agreed to arbitrate cannot bring claims under California’s Private Attorneys General Act on behalf of other employees in court. Archis A. Parasharami, Andrew J. Pincus, Kevin Ranlett, and Carmen Longoria-Green of Mayer Brown LLP and the U.S. Chamber’s Litigation Center served as co-counsel for the U.S. Chamber.

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