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Petition for review granted

October 15, 2013

The court did not accept for filing NCLC's amicus brief. However, the court granted the petition for review.

U.S. Chamber urges Minnesota's high court to review decision that weighs in on the scope of arbitral power in the state

September 05, 2013

The U.S. Chamber urged the Minnesota Supreme Court to review the lower court's decision because this case raises important questions regarding the scope of arbitral power in the state. The Chamber argued in its amicus brief that confusion over the nature and extent of arbitral power threatens to diminish the attractiveness of arbitration as an alternative to litigation, contrary to the stated purposes of Minnesota's version of the Uniform Arbitration Act. Additionally, the Chamber pointed out that Supreme Court review and a decision that ultimately clarifies the default rule regarding the scope of arbitral power in Minnesota will provide much-needed guidance to parties across the state.

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