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Ninth Circuit reverses district court’s denial of class certification in alleged auto defects case

February 27, 2015

This Ninth Circuit reversed the lower court’s decision and remanded the case.

U.S. Chamber files amicus brief

March 07, 2014

In its brief, the U.S. Chamber asked the Ninth Circuit to affirm a District Court’s order denying a motion for class certification. The Chamber argues that common questions do not predominate over individual ones in this case because the proposed class covers consumers who purchased different model cars with different designs and experienced different alleged surging problems for different reasons. The Chamber pointed out that nearly all products engender a small percentage of customer complaints, and it is not difficult to plead that an isolated problem is representative of a broader product-wide defect.

Ashley C. Parrish and Karen F. Grohman of King & Spalding LLP represented the U.S. Chamber as co-counsel to the National Chamber Litigation Center.

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