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EPA denies petition to reconsider endangerment finding

July 29, 2010

The EPA denied petitions from NCLC and other groups asking the agency to reconsider its endangerment rule for greenhouse gases. The EPA reasoned that NCLC's arguments failed to consider the effects of EPA's Tailoring Rule and did not provide new information that would justify reconsideration. According to the EPA, NCLC also did not raise its claims in a timely manner.

U.S. Chamber petitions EPA on endangerment rule

March 15, 2010

NCLC petitioned the EPA to reconsider its endangerment rule in light of new information that became available only after the close of the period for public comment on the endangerment rule. NCLC also asked the EPA to stay the endangerment rule until the Agency has an opportunity to act on the Chamber's petition for reconsideration. The Chamber's petition focuses exclusively on admissions made by the EPA and also by the Department of Transportation, and not on scientific issues related to climate change or endangerment.

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